10 Reasons It's Important To Severe Ties With Toxic People
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By Gloria Pierson, Guest Author - January 06, 2016

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Toxic relationships can poison your life. Would you put toxic chemicals in your body? More than likely, you try to avoid them. Toxic people drain your time, your energy, and your self-esteem. You know when you are in this type of relationship. You may feel tired, mistreated, and give more than you receive. These relationships can be with a lover, a friend, a family member or an ex-husband.  

Recently, I cut a toxic tie with a friend. He continually disappointed me and I allowed it. It took one last huge disappointment and I said enough! I would no longer tolerate this type of treatment. I kept hoping for a change that may never occur, and the only one suffering was me. Once I made that decision, I felt more in control of my life.

10 Reasons You Should Severe Ties With Toxic People:

1. Gain courage. What you tolerate will happen again and again. It is like watching a movie or reading a book and hoping for a different ending. That is not going to happen. Releasing this type of relationship requires courage. It is not your fault that you are in a relationship of this type. But, you can do something about it because there is a huge cost.

2. Create boundaries. If you do not have boundaries, you can be like a sponge and take on other people’s feelings, tasks, and problems. I am all for helping others compassionately, but, not if it means I take on everyone’s feelings and problems. With defined space, you will know who or what you allow into your inner circle and life.

3. Conserve your energy. Toxic people drain your energy. If you are with someone and you feel tired or irritated after spending time with them, even though you had a good night's sleep, chances are that it is a toxic relationship. They are an energy vampire, and they probably feel fantastic and full of energy after you are together while you are left feeling drained.

4. Find true love. If you think you are in a toxic romantic relationship, ask yourself what are you stuck to? Do you feel that you do not deserve real love and being cherished? Do not tolerate any mistreatment. Have the courage to release a toxic romantic relationship. You deserve better.

5. Balance giving and receiving. When you are in need of a friend, a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to, chances are the toxic people in your life will not be there for you. It is usually all about them. Next time you are on the phone with one notice how the conversation is usually very one-sided and after they are done talking, they need to go!

6. Find trustworthy friends. Toxic people will only have you in their lives if you remain relevant. A divorce, a job loss, or financial problems may make you less relevant and you probably will not hear from them again. Be thankful, they were not your friends.

7. Be surrounded by compassionate people. You only have some much energy and so much time, why not spend it with people who care about you? By releasing toxic people from your life, you free up energy and the Universe loves to fill up voids. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be surrounded with kind, loving, and positive friends?

8. Become less judgmental. Being around toxic people can make you more judgmental toward others and judgmental toward yourself. Your ego will love this, but, it limits the possibilities for grace to enter your life.

9. Gain respect. Toxic people will not treat you with the respect that you deserve. They probably do not respect your time or your ideas. It always has to be “their way”, “their movie choice”, or “their choice of restaurant.” You are an incredible human being with likes and dislikes and you deserve a voice in the choices.

10. Improve your self-esteem. Instead of being told what to do and when to do it, you will find your Inner-Self and your Inner-Voice and realize you do not need toxic people or toxic relationships in your life.

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