4 Types Of Men You’ll Eventually Divorce
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By Cathy Meyer, Founding Editor - October 19, 2016 - Updated April 17, 2017

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No one marries with the expectation of divorce. Very few women choose men they believe will behave in a manner that will force a divorce.

Some of the men below seem perfect until you marry them. Some are bad news and women make excuses for marrying them.

However you ended up with one of these men, you can bet that, regardless of how hard you try to save your marriage, divorce is in your future.

4 Types of Men That Make Bad, Really Bad Husbands


1. The Addict:

People who are physically and emotionally dependent on substances and habits endanger those close to them.  Addictions invite financial problems, mood swings, harmful influences, and, in some cases, legal repercussions into a home. 

The substances that numb an addict’s pain hinder his judgment. Just as you wouldn’t want to ride in a car driven by someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, neither do you want to partner with someone driven by an unhealthy habit or substance. Even “acceptable” addictions, like exercise, cause repeated heartache when they take precedence over marriage and family. 

Addictions generate shame and deceit. Secrets build walls in a marriage. If you want to be lonely in marriage, marry an addict.

2. The Mama’s Boy

There’s nothing wrong with being a momma’s boy, most guys are, but there are limits. If your guy would rather talk about his problems to his mom than you, it’s a red flag. If her opinion is more important to him than yours, he’s not the ideal husband for you.

I have two sons. I’ve always told them, Mama is important, wife is more important. It isn’t easy as a Mama to let go but all Mama’s boys have a Mama who can’t let go and will do everything in her power to remain his number one. And he will do everything needed to keep her feeling like she is number one.

How can a Mama’s boy have an emotional connection with another woman if he can’t cut the apron strings?

3. The Narcissist

Narcissus was an ancient Greek mythological figure who was so beautiful that he fell in love with himself - but because he couldn't leave his own reflection in the water, he eventually drowned. A person who is a narcissist is so convinced of their own greatness that they don't see their weaknesses. Being married to a narcissist is a very one-sided relationship. They're always trying to flaunt their own greatness - always at the expense of you.

The problem with the narcissist? He is charming and knows how to play the game. He knows how to reel you in but, once he has you, the game changes and you find yourself wondering, “who the hell did I marry.” When a woman marries a narcissist she spends years trying to get back that Prince Charming, that perfect man she married. The sad truth is, that perfect man wasn’t real and neither is her marriage. It may take her a couple of decades to figure it out but, she will eventually throw in the towel and sprint for the nearest divorce attorney.

4. The Control Freak

Everybody likes to have things their own way. Unfortunately, because men are socialized to express hostility and anger when they don't get what they want, a man who is a control freak can often become intimidating and even abusive (physically or mentally).

The control freak believes that if you would only change there would be no problems. The control freak does what is needed to advance their own agenda and, as stated above, it’s the control freak you need to worry about beating you, verbally demeaning you or, playing tricks with your head so he can get his way.

If you are married to his guy, get out now!

If you are married to any of the guys above, you’re going to find yourself fighting a lot of battles you can’t win.

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