5 Ways To Get Back In Shape After Getting The Shaft

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By Olivia Claire, Guest Author - January 16, 2016

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After my divorce, I was broken and extremely unhealthy. My love for food diminished and all the stress and anxiety kept me from eating. I knew for my own health I couldn't continue on this way. I was underweight, unhealthy, fatigued, and I needed to do better for myself and my children. So, I decided to make some changes that have really made a difference in my life.

My mental health. The first step to getting healthy again was talking to someone. I am so incredibly thankful for friends and family. This helped to release any emotions I was feeling. I was comfortable enough to cry, yell, and cuss without judgment in the presence of those who know and love me best. I felt batshit crazy some days, but I knew on those tough days I would always have a shoulder to lean on. And those people know I would do the exact same for them.

Ohhhhh foooood! Aahhhh did I mention I love food? Once I was able to move past the anxiety, I was able to eat again and I definitely made up for lost time! I knew the crap I was eating wasn't exactly the best in the world - Cheeseburgers, pizza, DESSERTS, etc. I buckled down and stopped eating out so much. I became more conscious of my grocery list each week, stuck to it and made more meals at home. I still made time for my friends, so we would meet one day a week at our place to unwind with comfort food and beer. Moderation is key, people. Don't give up everything you love; portion control makes all the difference.

I'm a runner and I am about as fast as a snail in peanut butter, but it is something I enjoy and does wonders for the mind and body so, I started running again. You don't have to be fast. Hell, you don't even have to run, walking or any kind of exercise is just as effective. I noticed that once I started doing something that I enjoyed, I became much happier and healthier.

Here are 5 things that can help improve your health after going through a divorce:

1. Talk to someone. Mental health is just as important as your physical well-being.

2. Eat better, you can still enjoy your faves in moderation, but throw healthful foods in the mix. Try to cook more at home. Not a cook? No problem! Try restaurants outside of fast food that cook with fresh ingredients. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies, and drink more water!

3. Exercise, any kind of physical activity is better than none and will make you feel so much better. Join a gym with a friend, go for a swim, go bowling! Anything to take your mind off recent life events.

4. Get a makeover. Change your hairstyle or spend a day at a day spa. Buy a new outfit, do something for yourself! After all, you deserve it!

5. Sleep! It is important to unwind and get plenty of rest. Exercise can help with this! Get at least 8 hours a night of restful sleep and you'll wake up every day to meet new challenges.

So, divorce can bring out the worse in us. We feel sad, angry, lonely, empty, etc. But getting a divorce does not mean life is over. Instead, let it be an opportunity to start fresh and improve your health! You have to love yourself enough to take care of yourself!

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