8 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Time More Romantic For You & Your Partner
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By Sarah Williams, Guest Author - December 06, 2016

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For millions of people, being romantic does not come easy. Am I right?

Creating magical and sexy moments in your relationship is something everyone thinks about, but few people do. Make a little effort, I promise it will be worth!

Want to have a more vibrant and romantic sex life? Start making your bedroom time more romantic with the 8 tips below:

1: Play hooky from work

The true sexy game starts way before you enter the bedroom.

Play hooky from work and just spend the day together. Sexting is a new way to keep the fire burning between lovers in the modern world. Master seductive texting and he won't be able to stop thinking about you!

Another good idea which would prepare you for a romantic time in the bedroom would be spending quality time together during the day. Hence playing hooky from work!

Go sightseeing in a town that is unfamiliar to the both of you. This is a great way to find an interesting place you never knew existed. Stop at an unknown restaurant and have lunch. He will feel naughty for skipping work to be with you and enjoy your spontaneity.

2: Do to get her thinking about you is a text message or phone call

One of the simplest foreplay actions you can take to get him thinking about you is a text message or phone call. A text or call that says ” Hey gorgeous…I love you” will put a smile on his face every time. It will let him know that you are thinking about him just as much as he is thinking about you.

Here’s another thing you can do. While at a red light give his leg or hand a squeeze. Men crave physical contact, and it will definitely take him by surprise.

3: Clean your bedroom

Treat your bedroom like a sanctuary. After all, it is a place where you spend at least one-third of your life! It is a place where your body gets much-needed rest, where your mind calms after a stressful day and finally, where you have sex. 

The clean and fresh bedroom will keep your mind focus on your partner. 

4: Pay attention to the details

Plan ahead. Make sure that you have music suitable for both of you, dim the light which will expose your body in a favorable way. No one wants to have sex in the dark, but full light may come across as intimidating. Invest in good quality natural candles, which will put you both in the mood as soon as you light them up.

5: Make sure your mattress can survive the most sophisticated bedroom games

If needed, make an investment in a good quality mattress. Nothing destroys the ambiance more than a creaky mattress.

6: On special occasions plan something special 

On birthdays and anniversaries, plan something special just for the two of you. Don’t EVER NEVER EVER NEVER forget his birthday or to celebrate his success at work or his passion!

If he likes excitement, try a day at a theme park. If she loves nature and animals try hiking or a day at the zoo. Whatever you plan, make sure it fits his/her personality. He/she will feel truly loved because you took the time to understand him.

7: Devour him with your eyes

This may be the most important tip. No matter what he is dressed in, or if he has few extra pounds since you two met, devour him with your eyes.

Men need to feel sexy as much as women do! Male sexual energy  needs to be nourished, and you are the perfect person to help with that.

8:  Compliment him

The sight of your arousal will definitely add to his. Caressing him and kissing him will let him know just how sexy you think he is.  

Bring him close to you and whisper sensual compliments in his ear. Get as naughty as you can! Do the above eith things are time spent in your bedroom with him will never be a disappointment.

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