A New Year Means Creating The Life You Want
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By Since My Divorce, Guest Author - January 02, 2015

You can get divorced and keep on keeping on, being the same as ever, accepting life as it is OR you can approach divorce as an opportunity to re-evaluate your life - who you are, what matters to you and how you live your life. 

Re-evaluating your life doesn't happen by accident. It is a conscious journey starting with an understanding, or a feeling that how you've been living your life somehow isn't being true to yourself. Then comes a period of self-discovery, getting reacquainted with yourself. Next comes the hard work of redefining your many hats - parent, professional, friend, lover - aligning yourself more closely with the new you.

It's demanding work but it can be immensely rewarding. Try imagining yourself in five years time - what does happy look like and what would it take to feel that? If you don't know where to start, then divorce coaching may help. 

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