Delegate & Celebrate: A Mother's Day Challenge

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By Tiffany Rone, Guest Author - May 08, 2014

Fotolia_60727599_XS.jpgI know someone is thinking…a Challenge? For Mother’s Day? Really? Yes, REALLY!

Let me explain…

It’s May! It’s the month that has been set aside for Mother’s Day to honor moms and remind them of their priceless presence in our lives. Moms are like superheroes, they can make it all happen...for others. However, we can sometimes be the worst when it comes to receiving and allowing ourselves to be celebrated.

The BIG Question…

Why is it so hard for moms to receive? Well, there is no small answer for this BIG question but there is somewhat of a genesis to it all. It happens the moment we become “mommy.” We immediately begin to shift everything to focus on how we can love, protect, and meet the needs of someone that is depending on us. We take on so many roles that they all become second nature. Moms are chefs, doctors, chauffeurs, teachers, housekeepers…and the list just goes on and on. If you notice, these all consist of giving out, NOT taking in. It’s what we do, who we are!

Thus…I would like to propose a Mother's Day Challenge to help ensure that moms do two things this Mother’s Day: Delegate & Celebrate… Say it with me…DELEGATE & CELEBRATE! This little combo sounds pretty simple, but it will be a task for many, including myself.

Before we begin:

For best results, please consult with yourself to at least give it a try!!

One “good” reason to try this Challenge:

If the world can stop and take time to recognize and celebrate moms, we should take a pause for the cause and join them. We deserve it!

 How to meet the Challenge!

The MD Challenge consist of 2 components: Mommy Dos and Mommy Don’ts…Let's begin on a positive note.

Mommy Dos...

  1. DO: Take a “mommy moment.” Schedule a massage, mani/pedi, or try that new hairstyle. If your money is funny, don’t fret! Draw yourself a nice candlelit bath and relax without interruption. Just be sure that whatever it is makes YOU happy and does not consist of serving someone else. This is also a good time to reflect on all that you do and have done for your children and pat yourself on the back.
  2. DO: L.O.L. (Laugh out loud) At some point, during this time of celebration, find a comedy or plan to spend time with people who make you laugh, laugh, laugh. Laughter has not only proven to reduce stress, but improves your overall health AND burns calories. YES…Burn baby burn!!
  3. DO: Make a Wish List. Don’t be caught another year without it. Are you guilty of saying, oh I don’t want anything? YES YOU DO! It can be your favorite candy, dinner, or even acts of service. The next time they ask what you would like for Mother’s day, have that list nearby and whip that sucker out! Be Celebrated!

 …and now for the real challenge…(drum roll please)

Mommy Don’ts

  1. DON’T: Spend all day cooking and cleaning for others when it’s a day for YOU to receive. If you enjoy cooking, GREAT, but save some energy to enjoy being the honoree and give the clean up to someone else. No mops, brooms, or laundry on this day. Delegate & Celebrate.
  2. DON’T: Refuse alternative plans such as dinner invitations or offers to cook for you. Outings don’t have to be expensive. If it’s McDonalds, enjoy not lifting a finger to prepare dinner. After all, their slogan is “You Deserve A Break Today.” Celebrate.
  3. DON’T: Allow yourself or others to fill this day with things that are time consuming or frustrating. You need to UNPLUG. School projects or soccer practice, NOT TODAY. This ONE day has been set aside JUST for YOU. Make sure you are happy and the main objective is to...Delegate.

 So what do you think? Are you in?

The objective of this challenge is to help moms embrace the day set aside for them.

The reality of this challenge is that it really shouldn’t have to be a challenge at all.

The story behind this challenge is that sometimes moms just need a little reminder that in order to keep giving out of a healthy place, we have to be willing to receive! I’m sure all of the dos and don’ts may not be applicable to every mom, but I hope that ALL of us can take at least three steps together from the MDChallenge:

Take a bow, give your chores away for a day, and allow those who love us most to celebrate us.

Feel free to share your progress!


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