Donald Trump And His Linkage To Unattractiveness
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By Chris Armstrong, Certified Relationship Coach, Featured DM Blogger - September 22, 2015 - Updated August 13, 2016


On a scale of 1 to 10, Heidi Klum is no longer a 10. There is no denying this statement since it did come from the mouth of Donald Trump. After all, he's also uncovered the truth that all Mexican's rape and torture people.

Sooner or later, he'll discover that we do not have two devils living on this earth simultaneously; it's just that Josh Duggar and Jared Fogle are actually, gasp, the same person. What a marvel the Donald is. He, the caricature of a celebrity that has gone from being a master of apprentices to a potential future president, all by being himself.

That's cute.

Unfortunately, he is not. Not even close actually. Which makes his comments about Heidi Klum undeniably laughable.

And here's the thing, I'm not even referring to his looks. This is all about his attitude and personality. When men decide to use bravado and arrogance to bulldoze through life at the expense of others, any physical attribute is going to be ugly, that's how beauty works.

  • Donald Trump with new, real hair instead of the 12-foot comb over? Doesn't matter. Any woman on a two-hour date with him will be pulling hers out every time he thinks the waitress is on her period simply because she dare asked him if he wanted ice with his water.
  • Donald Trump with a tummy tuck? Nah. I would rather tuck myself in every night in a bed filled with scorpions than watch him scowl at every person that strikes any resemblance to Antonio Banderas. So says every women on this green earth.
  • Donald Trump with some wrinkles magically removed? Hmmm, it'll be a cold wrinkle in time before I date someone that bullies people into submission in order to make his point. I'll settle for men that can have intelligent, calm and open conversations. Geez, where's a laxative when you need one?

I sound angry huh? Perhaps, but what I want to sound is the trumpets.

Women have always been more open minded about dating men based on their personal attributes and that is the kiss of death for the Donald. He will always have stragglers, those women and gophers that follow him around because of his green scent, but love and respect are two words that won't suit him, ever.

I've beat that dead horse enough but if I back up and look at the holistic implications of the Donald, I smile. Sitting at a restaurant a couple days ago, I realized there was a divorced moms Meetup group going on two tables over. 

They were talking about the dating experiences of one of the moms who, two night earlier, had gone out with a guy that was 'stinking rich' but was 'unbelievably arrogant' and a 'misogynistic prick.' There were details that led to this conclusion and those mattered to the relevance and credibility of the mom. What mattered more to me, however, was the reply of another mom who quietly said, 'sounds like Donald Trump and I don't want anything to do with that'. Indeed.

After the Megan Kelly debacle and subsequent comments about Carly Fiorani, I must've heard dozens of interviews with women about the problem of powerful men like Trump, Sick Rantorum and Take a Hike Muckabee, each of whom have spoken ill about the empowerment of women while blaming the women's movement for every world problem from broken homes to premature balding. I love the interviews and I love the backlash to men like this.

And to a degree, I love that Donald and the like keep opening up their traps. For as long as this ugly rears its head, it will keep women on their toes and aware that: 

  1. Men who think and act like this do, in fact, exist
  2. This ugly cannot hide behind a big suit, a billion dollars, and 6-yard toupee.

So thank you, Donald. Keep keeping. We like the free education.   

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