Empowering Fashion Choices For Divorced Moms
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By Claire, Guest Author - June 01, 2017

If you’ve been married and a Mom, you’ve probably fallen into a style rut. With time, being stylish and fashionable comes second to putting on whatever feels most comfortable and easy to wear. 

Priorities change, it’s only natural. However, now, that you’re divorced and starting fresh, it’s time to find your old stylish self again. Not only does looking your best makes you feel better, it also boosts your self-confidence and helps you deal with a bunch of changes coming your way. There are a number of things you can do to get your groove back but we’ll focus on a few simple and easy-to-do steps which will make a huge difference right away:

Don’t be shy when it comes to bold print choices


That you wear reveals how you feel about yourself to the world. Wearing prints requires self-confidence and an attitude to go with it. So, if you think you can rock it, you’re in luck: the new Spring/ Summer 2017 Fashion Trends are all about prints! Try mixing it up with some stripes – which are currently number one print type or going all floral, preferred by big names like Fendi, Carolina Herrera, and Delpozo. Gingham, plaid, and Prince of Wales patterns continue to ride high on the runways, however, if you’re going for the more flirty and coquettish look, polka dots are always a safe bet. So, choosing one or wearing print on print – the effect is equally as amazing! 

Reward yourself with a few designer pieces.


It’s finally over! You've signed the divorce papers. Maybe you're relieved, maybe you're heartbroken but the one thing is sure – you need to figure out who you are as a newly single person. Here’s where your reinvented stylish persona comes to light. Every self-respected fashion lover has to have at least one designer item in their closet.

If you’re new to buying designer pieces, here’s some advice: go with something subtle but effective and then work your way up. Getting some quality designer over shoulder bags is always a great way to start. If you’re having any doubts about spending money on a couple of pricey new things, just remember - retail therapy is much cheaper than going crazy.

Dig up some vintage gold


Going through your mom’s old closed can be so much fun, not only that, it can also be a real adventure.

Digging up some it simply priceless. You can never go wrong with the classics like leopard print scarf, striped shirt, statement necklace, little black dress or a classic trench coat. Not only will these stylish gems freshen up your wardrobe, they will also point you to the right direction when it comes to rediscovering your new look.

So, go on a real treasure hunt and think back on a time when you were happy and excited about the future.

Dare to be different


2017 is all about weird fashion trends. Whether is wearing a newsboy hat or fishnets under ripped jeans or matching tracksuits, being “unique” is definitely in right now. So, be prepared to try everything you’ve ever wanted but always feared. It’s very important, for every newly divorced mom, to reinvent herself, and the time has never been better! Your weird new must-haves can include pieces like kick flare jeans, platform shoes, shoulder pads, bralette tops, over the top ruffles and much more.

You probably didn’t expect to see yourself trying out all these crazy new looks but you probably didn’t see yourself getting a divorce either. Don’t be afraid! Life is about embracing changes and facing them head on. So put on a hot new outfit, make a statement and try to have as much fun as you can.

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