Featured Resource Writer, Alison Jacobson
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By DivorcedMoms, Senior Editor - December 04, 2015

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Alison Jacobson

Coach, speaker, and author Alison Jacobson has lived through it all – the death of her son, an ugly divorce, financial ruin and now her role as the caregiver for her disabled son and her new husband. She’s the embodiment of overcoming challenges to create a joyful and successful life.

As a divorce transition coach, Alison works with women to overcome their fears and become courageous and confident in order to move forward in an authentic and spiritually focused manner.

From Alison:

My path to becoming a motivational speaker and life transition coach was determined by my life experiences:

  • I started my first business when I was 24, sold it to a multi-national firm and became a high-powered executive making a 6-figure income
  • Got married and had my first child, Connor, who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at 4 mos. old
  • Went on to have my second child who has severe intellectual disabilities
  • Left my job and became a national family safety expert and TV spokesperson known as The Safety Mom to help other families struggling with issues.
  • Gave birth to my two daughters
  • Ended my emotionally abusive marriage in a devastating divorce
  • Walked away with no money and was forced to declare bankruptcy and start again
  • Helped my mother care for my father who developed Alzheimer’s
  • Met my second husband and, four weeks after we were married, he was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS.

There were days when the burdens felt overwhelming.  But I knew that “quitting life” was not an option for my kids or myself.  I knew that if I didn’t learn how to take care of myself, take control and take a stand I would end up sick physically and emotionally.

And so, I took a master’s course on “me.”  I studied mindfulness meditation, I immersed myself in lectures and reading from some of the leading experts on empowerment, spirituality, and motivation.  I consulted with physicians, nutritionists, therapists, spiritual leaders and fitness gurus to learn how to make myself stronger, fulfill my dreams and, in the process be a better mom, spouse, daughter, business owner, and friend.

It took hard work, some setbacks, a dedication to reclaiming my life and a commitment to honoring who I knew I was meant to be.

I came to realize that what I’m most passionate about is sharing what I’ve learned in order to help other women release their fear, regain their self-confidence and become happy.

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