Featured Resource Writer, Chris Armstrong

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By DivorcedMoms, Senior Editor - September 28, 2015

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Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong is a Certified Coach and involved mind that doesn’t care for textbook philosophy and status quo views on men and women. His advice and columns are rooted in modern realities of men, women, sex and love. They are delivered in a concise manner and garner tremendous praise for getting to the heart of each individual's circumstances and really helping their cause.

Aside from being a relationship coach, Chris is an established executive, one of the youngest ever in his field, largely due to his ability to understand, motivate and influence people. He teaches classes on negotiation and emotional intelligence, as well as targeted sessions on communicating to effect and breaking down people barriers. For more about Chris, visit www.mazeoflove.com.

At his core, Chris believes in very simple things when it comes to relationships:

1. They should be easy.

2. They are not always salvageable nor should they be. See: Cheating, abuse, lack of physical connection and chemistry, etc.

3. They are chronically unhealthy and under-served.

4. The good ones are all about awareness, unselfishness and attentiveness.

5. We must love ourselves first and teach people how to treat us.

6. When they're good, they're GREAT. And fun. And sexy. And tender. And everything in between!

7. As the song goes, sometimes love just ain't enough.

8. In the Relationship Trifecta: Men are physical, psychological and physical and women are emotional, psychological and physical.

9. We must be able to SWIM backwards, meaning, Say What I Mean and Mean What I Say.

10. Getting a good read on relationships, in a general sense and more specific to a couple or a person is not about textbook philosophy. People have evolved and relationships have evolved. Our outlook needs to as well.

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