Featured Resource Writer, Karen Covy
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By DivorcedMoms, Senior Editor - August 17, 2015

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Karen Covy is a divorce lawyer, mediator, advisor, and the author of When Happily Ever After Ends: How to Survive Your Divorce Emotionally, Financially, and Legally.

Karen started her legal career as a trial lawyer almost 30 years ago, and with decades of experience seeing how the court system works, is now firmly committed to helping people resolve their disputes outside of the court system as much as possible.

As a divorce lawyer and educator, Karen helps people understand the divorce process, and their options so that they can make the choices that are best for themselves and their families. She blogs regularly at karencovy.com and contributes to blogsondivorce.com.

Karen has been a guest on WLS TV and has frequently appeared on radio talk shows, including WGN Radio, and Your Time on Kim Iverson.

Karen graduated from Western Michigan University and the University of Notre Dame Law School. To find out more about Karen’s background and credentials, visit karencovy.com.

Keep Up With Karen On Social Media:

Twitter: @KarenCovy

YouTube: Karen Covy

LinkedIn: Karen Covy

Google+: Karen Covy

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