Featured Resource Writer, Tara Eisenhard
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By DivorcedMoms, Senior Editor - December 17, 2015

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Tara Eisenhard

A self-described “Divorce Encouragist,” Tara believes that a marriage shouldn’t survive at the expense of its participants, and she is passionate about helping families evolve through the separation process.

Personal experience taught Tara that productive and cost-effective divorces are possible when exes work as a team to realize shared goals.  Tara encourages individuals to employ tactics of compassionate collaboration in order to inspire healthy healing, maintain effective relationships and preserve the family status for children.

An Author:  Tara is the author of the novel The D-Word:  Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes and the blog, Relative Evolutions.  She has contributed to the online communities, DivorcedMoms.com and Family Affaires.  Her work has also been featured at Since My DivorceDivorced Women Online,  StepMom MagazineMariaShriver.com and The Huffington Post.

A Speaker:  Tara tackles topics such as Compassion, Healthy Healing and her GOOD Divorce™ Philosophy.  She shares tips to empower individuals and inspire a mindful approach to the separation process.  Her material is appropriate for those who are divorced, separating or supporting a friend or family member through the process.

A Coach:  Through coaching, Tara assists individuals and couples in determining goals and recognizing milestones during the transition of divorce or blended family life.  She maintains an optimistic attitude as she works beside clients to develop and execute appropriate strategies aimed toward personal growth and development.

A Mediator:  As a mediator, Tara operates as a neutral third party. She facilitates discussion to empower individuals to resolve conflict through self-determined solutions.

A Human:  Tara is a child of divorce as well as an ex-wife and previous partner of a divorced dad.  She loves animals, yoga, nature and toast (she’s a bit of a Toast Connoisseur).  She’s a volunteer for various charities, leads a local Divorce/Separation Encouragement group and dreams of living in New England.

For questions, comments or to schedule an event, please email Tara@taraeisenhard.com.

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