How Can Yoga Help You Get Back In Balance After Divorce
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By Claire, Guest Author - June 28, 2017

A divorce is an emotional tsunami that leaves both ex-spouses stripped of way more than just a share of assets. The toll of a split-up usually includes emotional stability, self-confidence, peace of mind, and even trust and faith in human goodness – but when the post-divorce going gets tough, the tough whip out a yoga mat and rock out the right asanas.

Believe it or not, yoga isn’t just a quick fix for stress, post-delivery muscle weakness, and winter-built ab flab: although it might not heal a broken heart, the ancient physical and spiritual practice can help you get back on the right track faster – and here’s how. 

Get Back In Balance After Divorce With Yoga

1. Shake out ‘n’ loosen up: Flexibility boost with Yoga

 Yoga 1.jpg

Even if you have a superb range of motion, strong joints, and muscle definition, your body might still go stiff with to all that divorce stress in tow. With yoga routines in the mix, your muscles will be in for a dose of intense stretching and twisting, which will, in turn, help you deal with tension, anger, pain, and stress when emotions heat up the air. On top of boosting your physical shape, yoga will improve your mental flexibility and promote

2. Inhale, exhale: Conscious breath control with Yoga

 Yoga Breathing.jpg

Essentially, divorce is a traumatic experience which can cut your breath short and punch holes in your long-term wellbeing. That’s where yoga can come in useful: in a yoga class, you’re forced to watch your breath and control it consciously, which can do a splendid number on your mental fortitude, stress management, and breathing patterns. Over time, you may notice mental clarity and

3. Self-acceptance: Return to your true self with Yoga

Yoga Acceptance.jpg 

After a turbulent divorce, you’ll have to rebuild your identity from scratch. Unfortunately, in the early post-separation stage, self-love may be hard to come by. That’s another aspect where a yoga class a day may be handy: by shifting your focus from the past or the future to the present moment and to your own body and its sensations, you’ll gradually discover a new Self – and you will also fall in love with it pretty soon, too.


4. Let your hair down: Tap into inner peace with Yoga

Yoga Inner Peace.jpg

When you’re going through a split-up, rest hours will be few and far between, but the fact that you’ve just suffered a huge loss doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to lose your inner peace along with love and a share or assets. When emotional roller coaster rides begin to tug at your tranquility’s sleeves, roll out the yoga mat: focus on Here and Now will help expel disconcerting thoughts and allow you to restore mind-body equilibrium and inner peace and truly – and fully – heal your emotional scars.

5. Balance it: Setting healthy boundaries

Yoga Asanas.jpg

Even pillars of strength lose the rag sometimes – and divorce is as difficult a time of trial as it can get. Fortunately for new divorcees, yoga practice can help restore balance and harmony to your life in several ways: apart from asanas and flows, such as , essential oils, energy stones, and meditation books will all help you reach the Zen state of mind faster – and once you’re in tune with yourself, it’ll be easier to set healthy boundaries.

Even if you and your spouse-not-to-be have fallen out of love with each other years ago, divorce is never easy on the mind or the heart. On the plus side, your life will go on and it’ll be better as soon as the split is over and done – and if you’re a yogi, the trials and tribulations of a turbulent divorce will end faster, and its toll will be lighter with yoga in the mix than without it. Namaste.

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