"How You Eat Your Burger" And Your Chances For Financial Success

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By Tim Randle, Guest Author - September 16, 2014

zzzhamburger.jpgHere’s my professional opinion: nothing. Your hamburgers say nothing about your chances of financial success. But you’re reading this post now, so read on.

A warning: Not everything you read on the Internet is accurate—and everyone has an ulterior motive.

What’s my ulterior motive?

I started writing to support client interaction, and to offer information to everyone from those who have trouble balancing their checkbooks to those who are experienced hedge fund investors (and all those in between).

There is no substitute for face-to-face professional advice—I preach that to my clients, but my blog is an ancillary resource for them and anyone, really. I mean, who today isn’t in the market for good financial advice?

I also think the best way to improve your chances of financial success is to hire a coach. Of course I do…when you boil it down, I’m a financial coach. But the proof is in the pudding; the best athletes, actors and executives all have coaches. Good coaching is how everyone goes from one level to the next.

So here’s my first piece of advice: Make the conscious decision to improve your financial well being right now. Take a few minutes to reflect on where you are. (If you’re married, have a frank and open discussion about your current financial picture.) After this conscious decision, reflection, and discussion, the next step is to decide if you can do it on your own or if you want to get a coach. Either way, the hardest part is getting started (or making a significant change if you’ve already started), and that action is a lot easier if you’ve made the conscious decision that you want to improve your position. There are many ways to improve your financial position, from learning how to save, what your spending requirements are, and taking advantage of the assets you own (if you are divorced, why not sell your engagement ring and put that asset to work?)

If you have comments, I would love to get feedback about what we post, and I’m sure others would enjoy your comments too. From time to time I will join the comments, but corporate policies and our government makes that tougher than you can imagine!

If you have questions or you want me to write about a specific topic, let me know in the comments section. I’ll do my best to supply your demands.

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