I Wanted To Destroy My Wedding Dress - But Instead I Did This
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By Mary , Guest Author - May 16, 2015


My kids and I left our family home and moved in with my parents. I can't tell you how fortunate I am to have them in my life. As the smallest moving truck was unloading our belongings I was handed my wedding dress wrapped in a plastic storage bag. I threw it in the backyard and told everyone not to touch it. I watched the dress for a couple days from our kitchen window. No one stole it but it did rain. As I watched it closely I had visions of wearing war paint.  Burning the dress while dancing. I was asked to move the dress from the lawn - it needed to be mowed. I threw it in the trashcan and my Dad took it out and placed it back on the lawn. He told me that someday I may feel differently and want the dress. I dragged it to the garage. Found the furthest remote corner and left it. 

Over the years times have changed. My daughter asked me if there was anything special for her and her brothers from when I was married. Everything seemed to be gone. She was grasping for the memories she had to actually be true. I didn't have that much left from when I was married. 

I sold my engagement ring to pay my attorney. I had intentions of keeping it for the kids but my divorce turned ugly very fast. I didn't have any money and my attorney was setting my case to the side until she got paid to proceed. 

I wanted to do something special for my kids. I had a light bulb moment - the wedding dress!!!! After a couple of years the dress was still in the furthest corner of the garage waiting for me. Yes, it smelled and needed to be aired out which seemed to take forever. 

While it was hanging in my bedroom staring at me on a daily basis I kept thinking, what I possibly could do with it that would accommodate not only my daughter but my two sons. It was the first dress I tried on and fell in love with it.  We had a great wedding day with our family and friends. My husband and I were young with so many dreams. Yes, this dress was a good memory to share with them. I will admit also during that time I tried it on, and it didn't fit me anymore after all these years.  

I cut my dress in long strips. While I was cutting I remembered everyone looking at me while I walked down the isle of the church. The dress getting shut in the door of the limo and dragging down the road, and when people honked and pointed I thought they were congratulating us. Our first dance, and how hard it was to go to the bathroom. I actually enlisted my maid of honor to help me - I told her it was part of the job description.

I cut out the designs, beads and lace. I made three pillows out of the material. Sewed the beads and lace for the trim. A little blood went with this part of the project. I made a pocket on the back of the pillow with my sleeves and used buttons from my dress to close it. I wrote my three kids a letter for the pocket.  Telling each of them they are the best part of me. This dress was a start of a marriage that gave me three incredible gifts. 

This project that started with my daughter asking me a question brought back good memories. A day of hopes and dreams. I will admit I haven't been able to go through pictures. They are boxed and I will give the kids the boxes later. 

I think today I took a huge, healing step. I also gave my kids a great memory from me. 

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