Kids Out Of Control? 5 Tips For The Overwhelmed Single Mom
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By Aradhana , Guest Author - March 30, 2016

Have you been feeling tired of putting up with your kids' tirades? Do you think you will lose your temper the next time you hear them scream? It is okay. You're not a bad parent for feeling that way. You just need some time for yourself.

Most parents think it is utterly selfish to call for time-outs. The truth is, it isn't. Everybody needs a break once in a while, and especially from a challenging task like parenting. Deciding to drop everything and indulge in self-care can, in fact, restore balance at home, and here is how:

5 Self-Care Tips For When The Kids Are Driving You Insane:

1. Find Relief From Stress: We lead extremely stressful lives balancing work and home. When kids at home begin to throw tantrums or fight with each other, it is hard to maintain your composure. Finding stressbusters help you avoid over-reacting to your kids' behavior. Seeing your calm, your children will also learn to maintain their cool while undergoing a stressful situation. Most importantly, there will be lesser tirades, screaming, and shouting around the house, thus building a more productive atmosphere.

2. Create A Healthy Environment: Taking a break from regular household chores, kids, and work can also help you build a conducive environment at home. There will be fewer instances of kids bawling, adults disagreeing with each other aggressively, and an overall undesirable environment. Your objective should be to move away from the possibility of such a situation. So go ahead and ask your spouse to fill in for you sometimes while you hit the spa or go for a drive alone. Similarly, your husband can take off when he thinks he needs a break to find his calm. You will come back more sorted, energized, and resolute to take on the challenges head-on.

3. Find Ways To Manage Your Anger: When you are overworked and stressed out, losing your temper is not abnormal. On the contrary, it is quite normal. It becomes especially difficult for single parents to manage kids, chores, and work. However, losing your temper with kids is not the best lesson to teach. You do not want your children to be irrational and hot headed. As a single parent or otherwise, it is important to consider and teach your kids practical lessons in anger management.

Find ways to manage your anger, and taking time off is one such way. If you are furious, and your kid is demanding something, let him know of your situation and tell him that you will speak to him later because you do not want to say anything that will hurt his feelings.

4. Inspire Your Kids To Be Reflective: When you decide to hit pause and take time to introspect, it allows you to analyze your actions critically and take into cognisance their effects. Deciding to break away from the daily humdrum of life helps you to do this. You will be able to choose your words and actions wisely. So step back whenever you think you have had enough. Unplug and just rewind yourself. It will inspire your kids to do the same and thereby make them grow into mature and decisive individuals.

5. Take a Parenting Break: Considering that parenting is one of the hardest jobs , you are allowed breaks from it. When you don't constantly have to be working on something, it prevents you from getting tired too soon. Parenting is a full-time job, with no call backs. Self-care will help you come back refreshed and with renewed vigor. It will help you love being a parent to your kids, and make this job endearing and fun.

While you care for your children, you should also care for yourself. It is not wrong. It is not selfish. Instead, it is a smart and a well-thought-out move. You are not expected to give up your life for the sake of your children. Instead, while you teach your little angels life lessons, also teach them to take care of themselves by taking care of yourself.

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