Politics Got You Anxious? Your 10 Day Challenge to Overcome Fear
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By Erina Divorce Coach, Guest Author - February 06, 2017

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Over the last few weeks, I can’t count the political news headlines I have glanced at that actually caused a direct fear hit in my body. Chills. Increased heart rate. I am starting to wonder if journalists take compulsory classes in Fear 101 to keep them on track emotionally when reporting some of the recent news headlines.

Today I saw a beautiful quote from Byron Katie. “Stressful thoughts are ALL fake news.”

What a breath of fresh air! Better still, it turns my mind towards other hopeful thoughts.

Like requiring that I look into the future sometimes and intentionally envision things that scare me.

To what purpose exactly? So that I can outwit the evil geniuses? Really? If I’m looking ahead with vision and clarity, why not imagine something good?

“All of the buildings. All of the cars – were once just a dream in somebody’s head.” Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street.

Every clever-clog who goes out and builds a greenhouse, writes a poem or creates a business is moved forward by the ability to hope. Followed inevitably by their willingness to dream, focus, plan and build.

The very simplest of things that bring pleasure; a hot meal, a fresh load of clean laundry. These are also acts of creation, of executing good plans. They involve raising energy and pushing it forward.

What exactly has fear ever built that is of use to the human race?

It seems to me that the very act of living is an act of creativity. Even the law of entropy shows this. Energy never stays still.

In most great stories, one way or another, love wins the day. It may not win the battle, but it wins the war. And we will win this war! Why is that?

Because no one in their right mind wants to stop at fear/hate. It makes for wretched endings. Fear is endlessly unfulfilling, exhausting. It doesn’t create space to land.

The very definition of winning is love itself.

What if every time my body felt fear, I took it as a cue to love more?

What effect would that have on my life?

How do we envision love in our thoughts?

Some envision a mist. Or a moving line of hearts. Some envision a color. What does love look like in your mind?

I know. We live in the real world, made up of skin and bones, concrete and grass. And also invisible things we can only feel or sense.

And this world can look scary.

Or we COULD be creative. We COULD be warriors that outwit fear with love.

If you feel stuck in fear lately, try this 10-day challenge.

Every day, for 10 days do these 3 things:

1. Write down three sentences, each one describing a circumstance that causes a fear response in your mind or body.

2. For each one, write a new sentence sending love to the thing, person or situation (even if it doesn’t seem realistic) and repeat the new sentence to yourself three times.

3. Repeat as necessary throughout the day.

Here’s an example:

Fear sentence: I fear that certain political appointees will destroy the environment.

Creative Response: I send powerful love for our earth to the hearts of decision makers in governments all over the world.

The critic in you may ask, "what earthly difference can this make to the situation? Am I Dorothy?"

Here’s your answer; that’s not the point. The important thing is the difference it makes in YOU. It shifts you out of victim mode, out of fear… and into a creative mindset.

I figure the world can always use one more creative genius, especially right now!


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