Style: Outfits That Boost Self-Confidence
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By Claire, Guest Author - November 04, 2016

This is for all my strong ladies out there who are going through some hard times. Whether it’s a divorce, a breakup or something else, when life hits you it also hits your self-confidence in some way. We live in a time when women are emancipated and no longer depend on their partners (whether it is the work or life in general), but when things like that happen it is totally normal that they shake your reality a little bit.

In those situations, women try to focus on their children, home, and their other obligations, totally forgetting about one very important part: themselves. The good news is that there is one universal thing which always helps in a crisis, and that thing is called style. I am going to help you find yourself again and get back on your feet with pride. 


Colors do matter

Colors affect us much more than we think. It is in human nature to associate colors with different emotions since colors have meanings which are far beyond the visual stimulation. Here are few basic information about the best colors to wear so you can turn them in your favor.



If you want to be noticed, this is the color you should opt for. Red is the color of desire passion, and romance – which makes it perfect for dates. Oh, and I almost forgot, if you are on a diet of some kind, be careful with this color because it stimulates appetite as well. Bummer.


One word: royal. This color is the best confidence-boosting color of them all. It is associated with luxury and creativity, and just like red, it stimulates you, but in a far more soothing way.



Hello, Barbie doll! Are you seeking romance and happiness? This is the color for you. It can lift your mood but it is very calming at the same time, so don’t wear it when you are lacking the energy. Of course, if you are not a fan of this color, all that doesn’t refer to you (obviously).


Orange is a great replacement for red since it also draws attention, but it is a lot more soothing. It will bring positive and energetic vibes directly to you.


Reconnect with nature and embrace green! This color is soothing and refreshing. Oh, and did you know that the color green can reduce the stress level? Well, you do now.



Even if many people think that color black represents dark and depression, it is totally opposite. You see, the color black signifies power, authority, and responsibility while you are at work, and outside it gives you edge


If you are feeling down, wearing yellow will fix your mood. Since it is associated with the sun and positive energy, aspiration, and intelligence, you will enjoy wearing it.

Embrace the edgy

Who says that you need to stick to the conventional and that you have to look like 90 percent of other women? Why wouldn’t you try something edgy for change? You wouldn’t believe how much your confidence can improve when you step outside the comfort zone.

Printed vintage T-shirts

PicMonkey Collagea.jpg

Heavy metal is back baby! I’m talking bands, I’m talking ripped, I’m talking brands. Get yourself an all-time hit Harley Davidson tee or the one with your favorite heavy metal band logo and instantly turn yourself into a “model off duty” like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. This garment has become a staple garment in the closet of any girl with a great sense of style.

Ripped jeans

unslash 6.jpg

This is another staple edgy garment which will always be trendy. You can find them in all colors, shapes, and sizes; skinny, baggy, light, dark, bleached, black, cuffed etc. They are loved by everyone and there is something about them that makes you want to buy 100 pairs even if you came just to buy one.

Leather jackets

Come on now, you HAVE to have at least one! The leather jacket is like a little black dress of jackets. They never go out of style. Especially the biker ones. Combine it with the two previously mentioned items, ankle boots, and a cute beanie and you are ready to rock the streets with the confidence of Kanye West.

Leather boots


It doesn’t matter are they over the knee, ankle ones or combat ones – you have to have them. Especially now, when those combat boots became a little bit more classy with their fancy shiny hardware and cool silhouettes. Don’t worry, though, you will send that “don’t mess with me” vibe anyway.

Fun accessories

Nothing can change the whole impression like the right choice of accessories. Consider trying out those Ray Bans or Lennons to get a true rock star look. Add some rings, chains or necklaces (depending on your outfit) and wrap bracelets, put on a cute hat and you are good to go.

That would be it. Take care of yourself and feel free to improvise. Individuality is always trendy.

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