[DRAFT] Ten Useful Etiquette Tips for Dating in 2014
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By William Conley, Guest Author - Never

Online Dating.jpgIs it one, two, three strikes your out in the internet dating game?

Are you striking out when it comes to finding that special one in this crazy mixed up world of online dating?

Here are ten etiquette tips for dating this upcoming year which if you will follow will hopefully help you fall in love:

One. Timely respond to text, emails or phone call messages. If you really want to know what the other person thinks about you, just gauge how quickly they get back to you. You hold in your hand a cell phone which will provide you all the information you need to determine if he or she is into you. Most people check their phone every 6 minutes and the average text takes only 10 seconds.

Two. Communicate your intentions. Let the other person know how you feel, what you want out of a relationship and for goodness sake, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not, be honest and express yourself factually.

Three. Don’t waste each others time, if he/she is not for you, move on. If you don’t “feel it”, don’t try to fake it. Chances are it won’t “be there.” Know your type and avoid people you know you are not drawn to. Chances are you know what you like and what you don’t like, I suggest you stay away from what you don’t like even though you may be attracted to them.

Four. Dare to care. If you care for someone, show them, actions speak louder than words.

Five. Is it time to start going dutch? We don’t live in the fifties any longer. Isn’t it time to start going dutch and rotate date suggestions. The era of the fifties is over where a man asks out a woman, the man comes up with the date idea and the man pays for the date. It goes both ways these days. We are all looking for equal partners, time to step up your game.

Six. Texting is not a relationship. So when did texting constitute the creation, forming and building of a relationship? Texting is part of a relationship, it is not the basis by which a relationship is sustained.

Seven. Spend quality time together. If you desire to get to know someone, spend time with them, is that too difficult to understand? It is not important what you do, but that you do it together. When we invest time with one another, we are signaling we care about them and we enjoy their company. It also signals that we are comfortable, feel safe and secure and are interested in the other person.

Eight. Don’t let fear, uncertainty and doubt stop you from making the first move. When did you become so timid? If you want to meet someone, don’t let fear stand in your way. In the old days, the man asked the girl out on a date first. Being assertive is in! It is OK if a woman asks out a man out on a date, makes the first move or signals her intention – what ever happen to a sexy wink?

Nine. Random acts of kindness go a long way. Let the other person know you are thinking of them. Every one of us wants to feel special, that we are thought of and admired.

Ten. Stop and smell the roses, don’t get physical too quickly, you know what I mean. Need I say more? Intimacy is special and should never be taken lightly. So is kissing by the way. A kiss signals to the other person that you are attracted to them. If you are not, don’t kiss them, it sends the wrong signal.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

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