What's Worse Than Infidelity? These 8 Things
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By Michael, Guest Author - June 16, 2017

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Some things can be worse than cheating and can quickly end a special connection. Even the strongest of bonds won’t stand a chance when some seemingly innocent behaviors become the norm in a relationship and eat through the relationship it leading to a divorce or breakup. These things are so unhealthy that if you find you or your partner engaging in these petty actions, just stop!

Want to know what is worse than infidelity? Keep reading!

1. Withholding Affection

Withholding affection is akin to neglect. No matter whether it is being around, sending sweet messages, being touchy-feely, or helping your loved one navigate through life, affection is needed to keep a relationship. The moment you withhold affection to get your way or to get back at a real or imagined slight, you’re dooming your relationship to fail.

2. A Refusal to Communicate/Stonewalling

Forgetting to email or send a text every once in a while is okay, but if you don’t tell your partner about things that matter to you or things that bother you, you’re walling him or her out of your inner circle.

When you don’t talk about things that hurt you or bother you, then how will your partner know about it? More so, feelings like that can blow over if left bottled up for long.

3. Constantly Stirring up Drama

A fight is inevitable in any relationship, but if you fight over every small thing on a frequent basis, then being together will start to feel more like a sparring session rather than quality time. Small arguments can also give rise to crazier and bigger fights later.

4. Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

It isn’t a secret that we usually present our best self at the start of the relationship. Some people pretend to like something they’re not into just to make the other person believe they have more things in common than there really are.

Though this may seem innocent enough, what happens when you can’t keep up the façade anymore? What happens when you are in a relationship and are forced to keep up your act around your partner? You will either hate yourself or end up resenting your partner because you can’t be loved for you, but feel conflicted knowing that you brought your predicament upon yourself.

5. Belittling Your Partner

A relationship is a partnership. That means you and your partner are equals. When you belittle your partner’s opinions, dreams, achievements, etc, you’re saying that you don’t respect him or her as a partner. This can create resentment big time.

6. Staying Because You Fear Being Single

If you’re only with your partner because you can’t handle being single, feeling pressured to be with someone, or are afraid that you’ll be alone, then, you are cheating on yourself and on your partner. You deserve happiness. How will you find it if you stay in a relationship that’s not making you happy?

7. Hiding Things and Lying to Your Partner

Lies have no place in a relationship. Even white lies that you use to protect your partner from getting hurt can end up hurting him or her more when discovered. When your partner has gotten used to your habitual lying, it will make it difficult for him or her to fully trust you even when you’re being completely open and saying the truth. Without full trust, your relationship will suffer and end sooner than later. Before your partner loses all trust and hires a professional private investigator to find the real truth, try opening up and being honest. The alternative is an erosion of trust.

8. The Green Eyed Monster

A bit of jealousy can be awkwardly cute, but too much jealousy of it can kill a relationship. When you frequently suspect your partner of things he or she did not do, you will drive yourself paranoid and also hurt your partner in the process.

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