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Mandy Walker
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Mandy Walker is a divorce coach and mediator. She is the founder of Since My Divorce … a divorce support blog where she shares stories about divorce and life after divorce from the women she interviews. She is also the creator of the affordable, self-paced online divorce coaching program, My Divorce Pal, which will walk you through the logistics and practicalities of ending your marriage in the same steps Mandy uses with her private clients.

Mandy believes that stories have the power to change the world, opening us up to new possibilities and compassion for our fellow beings. She believes that by sharing our divorce stories we can help each other, make the process of ending a marriage less traumatic for others, create a greater acceptance for divorce and most importantly do our very best for our children.

As a coach, Mandy works with clients on all aspects of divorce including deciding to divorce, preparing to divorce, pulling together a professional team, renegotiating the spousal relationship, formulating a co-parenting philosophy, living singly and dating after divorce.  


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