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Jane Stein
Guest Author

Helping women in transition explore franchising as a path to financial security. 

After 25 years as a Senior Vice President and Certified Financial Planner in the financial services industry, I was feeling stagnant and burned out.  After taking a few years off to raise my kids, (OK 10) I started this practice.  It’s my privilege to help you determine your long range objectives, and research business opportunities for you that will help you achieve those goals.  My process is fun and thorough and will simplify and shortcut the navigation through the world of franchising.   I can help you find the right business for you based on your strengths, skill sets and income requirements – and to help you find the courage to reinvent yourself. Transitions are hard, but with the right partner can be incredibly rewarding.

The proprietary tools and resources at my disposal will assure that you ask the right questions and that the answers you receive will give you the information you need to move forward.

Jane Stein, Franchise Consultant

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