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Reiki Rita
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My name is Rita Roberts, known to my clients as Reiki Rita.  I'm an Intuitive Reiki Healer, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Life Coach and Parent Educator.  On a personal level, I am also a divorce survivor and have successfully overcome many of my own devastating life challenges including being raised and estranged by a dysfunctional family, post-partum depression, single-parenthood, numerous job losses and trying to financially support myself and my 3 children on government assistance.

Despite all the negative challenges that manifested as a result of my divorce, I still believe that families CAN become healthy and happy again - even after a difficult divorce.  As a parent educator, I teach divorced moms the importance their personal energy has on the quality of their lives and help them become consciously aware of its impact on their personal and parenting reality, including their self-esteem, parenting style, career, finances, relationships, health and happiness.

Therefore, I can often be found dedicating most of my own time and energy to helping vulnerable moms, like you, learn how you can restore your energy back to a time when you felt happy and self-confident by teaching you how to transform your life and become the very best version of yourself as well as a healthy role model to your children! 

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