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Tara Parker
Guest Author

I am the average single mom.  I enjoy being a mom and often times I think these kids raise me as much as I raise them with the learning we do from each other.  

I am an optimistic person.  I have degrees so I suppose you can say I am educated.  I have been a stay-home mom and am currently a working-mom and both roles ROCK!  While I have not reached my professional peak I did start from a very low spot so I have always lived by three amazing words: Onward and Upward     

I love to write and will continue to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) for as long as I can.  I most enjoy writing pieces that help build others up. Writing is a great way to connect.  There is always a bit of my intimate side in every piece I write.  However, what I love most about writing (and what is more important in my work) is trying to give you a reason to feel as though you are not alone - that someone else "gets it."  With that being said, you are always welcomed to contact me with your thoughts and experiences.  I encourage it. (I am searchable on Facebook.)  

Don't forget...

      You Can Do It!






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