Adventures in Dating Part 6: Talking is Good
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April 16, 2016

Saturday night and I was out with Marty and Holly.  We were headed to an 80's Night Dance at one of the local clubs but an overly packed parking lot took us away from our original plans.

Instead, the three of us found ourselves at a sports bar watching the NCAA men's basketball playoffs.  Spirits were high, it was the Round of 32 and brackets hadn't been broken too badly... yet.  Watching the big screens gave me a chance to sit back and observe those around me.

Let me tell you a little about Holly.  Beautiful girl, really stunning. And then there was Marty, my crazy friend with the crazy eyes and pretty face.  Not the same as Holly, but the guys just flock to Marty.  Like moths to a flame, they are pulled in by her ability to talk to anyone and make that person feel like they are vastly interesting.

635754406079007350Fotolia_83594720_XS.jpgMarty teases Holly.  "You are so mean! You should be more friendly!" And maybe that's the secret to meeting new people.

No cheesey pickup line necessary.  Just something as simple as "nice shirt" or maybe "that's a great watch" or "hey, cool shoes".  Just something little to say, "I see you."

And below the surface, "I'm normal."

Laughing at that part... 10 seasons of Criminal Minds has taught me to be a little bit cautious and not get into a white panel van with plastic sheathing on the seats.

Oddly enough, before dressing up, doing my hair and makeup, I debated on whether to go out that Saturday night.  The voice inside pushed me with its reminder that I wouldn't meet anyone new sitting in my own living room.

So true.

After watching Marty for a while, I took a chance.  Turning to the guy next to me, I casually mentioned that his quesadilla looked really tasty. He offered me a cheese-filled wedge (which I declined, it might have poison or a roofie in it) but we chatted merrily as I worked on my own slice of pizza.

Turns out, he used to play college basketball and I actually learned a couple of new things watching the game while sitting next to him at the bar counter.

Talking to a total stranger was good practice for my introverted self.  She's much more comfortable with people she already knows but that's not going to get me very far in Dating Land.

All my friends are women.

No matter how much I admire their shoes, I don't think they would be interested in a date with me.  LOL!

As for the former basketball player, I now know what 6' 10" looks like in human form. Really, really tall....

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