Random Happy Thoughts Pt.20

Tonight I saw something that I never thought I'd see again giving Son #2 and me shared a moment of bonding

Random Happy Thoughts Pt.19

Spending the day outside doing yardwork brings thoughts of happiness, connectedness, and a long task list.

Blue Skies

A string of winter storms can't stop the sun from shining.

Notice to Kari, Juno, and Linus: Just Keep Moving

Kari, Juno, and Linus? Who are they and why do they insist on dropping their issues at my doorstep? Oy.

Breakup 2.0

Breakup 1.0 was rough. This time, there are additional undocumented enhancements that make version 2.0 slightly easier to implement.

Random Happy Thoughts Pt.18

It's December and that means a cruise week with Husband #2! We may still be a marital mess but I always look forward to seeing him.

Bring On The Sad Movies. I’m Not Looking For a Happy Ending.

I bought the party pack of Kleenex, a big bag of Twizzlers, and settled in for a crying jag. Correction –  a full-fledged sob fest.

Just a moment...

Take a moment to breathe and bask in the beauty around you.

Random Happy Thoughts Pt.17

I still get butterflies in my stomach before meeting with Husband #2. He's coming home today for a long weekend together.

 Random happy thoughts Pt.16

Today I'm happy for poison ivy spray, lawnmowers, nuthatches and air conditioning. Yahoo for summer maintenance.

My Mantra: Am I Doing the Best that I Can Do?

You never know where you'll find life changing inspiration. Mine was during a weekend movie crying fest.

Hope, Optimism, and Great Messes. I

I am a function of my struggles and the very act of struggling brings me optimism. My record is 100% for surviving craptastic days.

Thoughts on Joy and the Ordinary Life

I think joy comes to us in small, ordinary moments. And if we don’t pay attention, we may miss it. Take time to stop and appreciate the little things.


Everyone needs them. No one understands them. What are they? Who should have them? And how do they fit into healthy relationships, maybe even divorce?