I Miss You Terribly: Part 8

I'm literally pining for Husband #2 this week... And should I worry about Son #2 becoming an axe murderer?

A Healthy Relationship Consists Of More Than Just Candy

Simple comparisons between healthy nutrition and good marriages. It’s time to eat the veggies and work through my emotions.

I miss you terribly: Part 7

While toying with the idea of what to do, the 4th of July happened. All of a sudden appliances everywhere were on sale. And Husband #2 sprung to mind.

I miss you terribly: Part 6

I have to admit it.  I miss you terribly still. I've been purposely avoiding thoughts of Husband #2

I miss you terribly: Part 5

I miss you terribly, Husband #2, especially now that I'm getting restless.  My wanderlust is fighting me.  I long to go...

I miss you terribly: Part 4

I miss Husband #2's hands...specifically I miss holding hands with him. Admittedly I am a Touch person...

I miss you terribly:  Part 3

Husband #2 and I are not what you would consider wine connoisseurs.  We enjoyed drinking wine but our buying habits focused more...

I miss you terribly:  Part 2

Husband #2 and I loved taking long drives in the country.  It was interesting to find out where a road started and where it ended...

I miss you terribly:  Part 1

On one of the last days before Husband #2 left, he blurted out that he thought I needed to live alone for a while...