The Unholy Three

It seems as if the well, the tankless hot water heater, and the washing machine are in a conspiracy against me. 

Paying for the same thing twice

Reader's Digest Condensed Version: Always check the seat pocket in front of you before departing the plane


Difficulty dating in my 50's? Puh-leeze. The internet lies to me once again.

Call Me Ishmael

An update on trout fishing and chasing my personal white whale

Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

Trout fishing!  Good Lord, help keep me from falling into the river...

Hola From The Spanish Armada

Hello Sailor. I'm on vacation, by myself and having a great time. And yet...

New Travel Buddy

My travel buddy backed out of our trip because of work and, I've decided to sail off to Spain on my own. Oh, the places I'm about to go, alone!

Epic Comeback Starts Right Here

As I sat on the couch with divorce papers in hand, Peyton Manning and Nationwide gave me my theme for 2016

What Happens in October Stays in October

Sometimes too busy to sit at my computer and compose my blog posts. So here's a summary of October for your reading pleasure.

October 1st

It's the first of October, a very big day for me

Everyone Is Struggling So Take Off The Mask

What masks do we hide behind? As long as there is pretending, the real problem never gets addressed.

I Am Lying

As a self-confessed liar, I'll admit to my current dishonesty and how it enables me to tell the truth.

The Time I Picked Up A Sailor On The Pier

My first big vacation without Husband #2 showed me it’s still raining men. What would I do with my umbrella?

Let Me Introduce You To Mr. And Mrs. Loggerhead

Our needs were complete opposites. What happens when one side throws down the ultimate threat? It's my way or the highway.