Oh The Places We

Husband #2 may have left me behind but I'm still a traveler. I'd rather have experiences over things. 

The Divorced Woman

Do you have a well? I do. And I learned a valuable lesson over the weekend while playing Little Dutch Boy. 

Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma Madness

I'm fine, until the lights go out. Then it's just me and my madness.

Happy Singles

Celebrating the Day of the Naked Sticks. I wonder if I qualify.

Running on Empty

We may not be the world to everyone, but sometimes all we need is to be the world to one person, and that fuels us up.

You Messed Up. It Means You

Even gold medalists didn't start out at the top of their game.  Why making mistakes is a sign of progress.

Ashley Madison, Josh Duggar, Kim Kardashian, What Else?

One under-the-rock dweller’s attempt to hit all the latest scandals in a single post

The Playlist From Hell

Hitting the Play Music Random button could be hazardous to your health

Attention Men Of Online Dating Sites! A Word...

I don’t know where you got your playbook, but I’ll give you a bit of advice. Burn it now! You’re not doing yourself any favors if it's a real woman you want.

The Husband

How does it feel when your husband shares his darkest secret?

Losing The Battle But Winning The War

Usually it's said that you win the battle but lose the war. What happens when you're getting ahead while going backwards?

Losing the Ability to See Into the Future

For years I could see our future reflected in Husband #2's eyes. Then one day we took a road trip and the vision was gone.

A String of Rebirth Miracles

Little surprises abound leaving me with a sense of hope for my garden and myself.

The Yellow Rhododendron

When I found the yellow rhododendron, I showed Husband #2 and we talked about a future road trip. Funny how things fall by the wayside.