Paying for the same thing twice
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June 13, 2016

DHL delivered a package to me today.  It contained a rather pricey item. Encased in bubble wrap was a Samsung tablet that I had already purchased 3 years ago.  Here I was, paying for it yet again.

During my Spanish Adventure, one of the cool things (or so I thought at the time) was a connecting flight in Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport.  How awesome, right? I get to stop over in Paris, even if it's just to stroll through the airport, maybe indulge in a croissant, listen to the French conversations...  

It was anything but the romantic landing I envisioned.

To begin with, the flight attendants on our originating flight from Barcelona were approaching people on the plane and giving instructions on how to get to connecting gates, including such tidbits as "Don't stop to go to the bathroom until you're on your next flight".

The ever comforting, "Watch yourself in customs. The lines are really long and slow."

You see, when flying from Barcelona to the USA, you have to stop at the border patrol, right in the middle of the airport. 

The flight attendant was telling the couple behind me to run through the airport.  They were going to one gate down from mine and had 5 minutes less in layover time than I did. Who knew that 110 minutes was not sufficient to go from Point A to Point B? 

So I steeled myself for a vault over the slow people and a few hockey moves out in the gangway... 

Completely forgetting my tablet in the seat pocket. 

By the time I found out I was missing my fully-loaded, movie-rich techno time killer, I was strapped into the next plane heading to the home continent. 

The really ironic thing? I purchased a brand new tablet 1 week prior to my trip and designated this one my Travel Tablet, just in case I "lost" it. 


So why spring for the excess $110 Euros to ship my travel tablet back home? 

Through a series of misfortunes, I lost all of my vacation photos stored on my phone. Note to self: Don't store your vacation photos on your phone. 

With the few memories it has on the SD card, my tablet is the only physical proof I own showing I was on the Spanish Armada. 

I guess I'll just have to take the same (awesome!) trip again.


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