New Travel Buddy
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April 08, 2016 - Updated May 23, 2017

I found a new travel buddy. Someone who likes to get up and go. She's a single mom with a college-aged kid, too. Which means we are somewhat unencumbered.

I met her traveling.

Go figure.

But she can't come with me when I head to Spain. Boo.

Work intrudes. She wants to go but a recent company acquisition is fouling up the plans.  Double boo.

I'm going on my own instead.

Yeah, I could have cancelled. It would be less expensive if I don't go. But this is an adventure and if not now.... When?

I guess I'll find a travel buddy during my travels. And hang out in the tapas restaurant learning about someone else.

Or maybe a couple of someone elses.

Oh, the places I'll go....


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