What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?
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April 28, 2016

It's time.

To start dating again.

I feel ready.

<snort of laughter>

Does anyone ever really feel ready? Or do we just jump off the high dive, hold our noses, and hope we don't belly flop in front of the cute guy?

I don't know if I'm fully healed, or delusional, or a little tipsy from margaritas but I have put myself out there lately. And if you knew me personally, you'd know how deeply and carefully I've thought this through.  I've waited.

Patiently. For over a year, so as not to rush into anything before I was ready emotionally.

Rebound relationship? Nope, don't want to go down that path. But as a friend of mine said, you can't stop having relations because you're afraid of mistake relationships.  

So true.

Yes, I still wear my wedding rings to work.  Frankly, it's more as bug repellant. Nothing to see... Nothing to see...  Move along....


My big shiny diamond engagement ring doesn't seem to work on the Man Roaches, but I can squish those creeps if they crawl too closely.

But not all guys are like that.  There are good ones.  Sometimes they just hide from plain sight behind shyness or hesitancy. Maybe there are guys who feel like all the good women are taken, or that we travel in packs and they can't get us separated from the herd long enough to express interest?

Who knows!

What I do believe is that I'm destined for goodness.  I firmly believe that there is a guy out in the world for me that will cherish my humor, my cuddling, and my cooking.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." ~ Winston Churchill

And I have hope.  Bring on the hair of the dog that bit me because I still am enthusiastic about being in a relatoinship.

There's nothing better than kisses, handholding, and sharing a day together.  If I have to stick my neck out into the world to get that reward, so be it.

I am up for the challenge.

Without any loss of enthusiasm...

Because this drunken sailor will keep on drinking the hair of the dog that bit her.

Please let it be gin....

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