About Dish With Mary

I am Mary.

Come dish with me!

After five years of verbal abuse and infidelity, I threw in the towel and divorced. That was ten years ago when my son was just three. I did not want my son to come from "a broken home." What I finally realized that our home already was broken.

Each night after we tucked our boy into bed we went downstairs.  He would retire to the living room to watch television.  I headed to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Cooking became a means by which I isolated myself.  Two things happened; I became a better cook, and I realized that my marriage had to end officially.

I was a single working mom which meant that my little guy did not get home until 5:30 at night. The last thing I wanted to put in front of him was take-out or another processed chicken nugget.

I found ways to put healthy dinners on the table and continue the dinner table tradition. You can too.

I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, foodie, writer, steward, interior designer, personal chef, and passionate creator.

For twenty years I owned a design business, Louisburg Gardens, Inc.  Now, while I continue to be a personal chef and small scale caterer, I have a lifestyle blog, LivingLovelier www.livinglovelier.com , where I offer recipes, cooking tips, and interior design advice.

Three years ago I married the best person I have ever met (entirely possible, moms.) Between us, we have three terrific boys, an orange tabby who is working on his fifteenth life and a Black Labrador who is my soul mate.


That's the dish. Because the table matters.