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His Giant Mistake
A Real Time Account of How My Husband's Infidelity Is Changing My Life

It's fascinating how "Having It All" seems to be about having a career and being a Mom and no mention of also being in love.

News Flash! Christmas Is A Thursday.

I don’t want you to just ‘get through’ the holidays. Find the magic despite your world being like a snow globe in the midst of an acid rain storm.

We Can Stop Putting Ourselves in the Line of Fire At Anytime

Lesson learned:  I'll choose the wrong door if I'm not coming from the right place. A place of unconditional love, without Ego.

Order in the Court of Co-Parenting

The challenge with co-parenting lies less with the other spouse and more within me, because my choices CREATE my reality.  This debate is over.

Play What If? with Me and Change Your Life

The game of What If? is one of the very best discoveries I made after being betrayed by infidelity. Come play with me, we've got PRIZES!

Dark Nights, Black Horses, Gentle Souls and Me, Boo!

I've wanted to look at you for so long. Now just feels like the right time. I won't hide behind infidelity and divorce any longer.


I was spanked for bringing to light the epidemic of infidelity and one culture's way of settling the score. Violence and silence are never the answers.

Running Full Speed in the Dark from Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham processes life like me. Through words and out in the open. It's what works for us. Her words inspired me to SPEAK UP about rape.

Fond Memories of Infidelity and Divorce. Wait. What? Are you high?

The Fall Equinox and the new moon remind me why I created infidelity and divorce in my life. And challenge me to get back to my witchy, magical ways.

Fear the Great White Shark, Not the Good Guy!

Bad boys, like habits, are hard to break.  Signs that I once relied upon I now question.  But something tells me he's one of the Good Guys.

He’s Not Nice, And He Ain’t No Picasso. He’s Mr. Ellen DeGeneres.

There is nothing good about a nice guy. I'm too far along in my journey to be attracted to the bad boys. Games are for players. I'm ready to be good.      

Forget Your Currency, But Don

There's no currency at Burning Man, the festival in the desert where love is free. But there are lots of condoms. We need sex.  But do we need monogamy?

Mistresses: Class is in Session – 7 Truths About You

Sucks to be a mistress.  No matter how it's spun.  Cheating can never be justified, trust cannot be rebuilt, respect is not re-gifted after betrayal. 

Who Knows Best? I

It's a mystery why those who have affairs believe they know what's best for the betrayed spouse.  The Earth silenced their voices and helped me to hear mine.


Resources, savings, information and
opportunities, developed just for you.

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