His Giant Mistake
A Real Time Account of How My Husband's Infidelity Is Changing My Life

There's extreme glacial mountaineering and extreme avoidance of that which scares the snowshoes off me. I am afraid to fall in love.  

Mt. Rainier gets ready to show her hand.  The climb has nothing to do with Mt. Everest and everything to do with my future.

Not until halfway through our climb to 10,080 feet did I key in on the single most important lesson of my multi-day climb of Mt. Rainier.

Surviving the elements on a mountain requires diggin deep.  Not unlike dealing with betrayal and divorce.  But then toss in avalanches...

Finally on Mt. Rainier after months of preperation I was surprised to discover that she wasn't going to welcome me like Mt. Tamalpais. 

There are a million ways to fear life. I can't fear the mountain and I can't fear love.  This climb will forever settle my heart.

I'm taking a man with me up the mountain. It's all so very unexpected. My climb is now more than seeing if I'm Mt. Everest worthy. It's about coming home.