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His Giant Mistake
A Real Time Account of How My Husband's Infidelity Is Changing My Life
An Inconvenient Spouse Brutally Murdered, Changes My Life Forever

Any innocence I had left after divorce has evaporated. I don't fear a pedestrian relationship. I fear beginning the journey toward my raison d'être. 

To Divorce Court I Go, But Now I Have Balls

Just in time, I grew a pair of balls.  Maybe they'll help out when I have to go before a judge, but for sure they'll help out on my next date.

Nothing Says, STOP DOING THAT, Like a Subcutaneous Hematoma

Why I insist on working through the pain and holding on to the IDEA versus excepting the reality is a mystery I am committed to solving.  

STOP the Presses! No, Really, STOP!  I Need to SPEAK UP.

Mr. Perfect Timing is definitely slow when it comes to speaking his truth.  Who better to teach me the transformational power of speaking up?

How to Be Irresistible and Date Without Fear

I swore I would never do one of those Top Seven...blah, blah, blah lists.  But, I am having a wild time with the guys and have never felt so safe and appreciated.

On the Wings of Burdee, My Dreams Come True

She's been gone two weeks and is already working tirelessly to send signs that she's ever close and here to protect me as I take the biggest of leaps.

A Remarkable Mom and Role Model Has Died

Kittens, she loved you as if you were her own. Thank you for connecting with my Mom and for giving her the feeling that I am safe in your arms.

We Are NOT Responsible for the Damage Caused by a Spouse

While this is the most outrageous deflection of blame to date, I'm grateful because it marks a turning point for me.  This is my Everest.

The One Where I Get a Do-Over: This Time I

When Mr. Perfect Timing Pressed Pause he did the very best thing for me since The Pocket Call.  At the perfect time he sent me back in time. 

Pressing Pause: Embracing The Vapor of Being in Limbo

He said this, he said that...what does it all mean?  Who cares?! What matters is why I created it.  It must have something to do with magic.

Finally, Consciously Competent in the Midst of Emotional Upheaval

Universe, bring it.  I'm on my way to a gold medal in the Olympics of Fits and Starts and Baits and Switches.  And love.


I ask for love, I get a man who wants to get married.  That Universe, she's quite the comedienne.  

Courage, The Storyteller, The Mountain and The Man

Why do romantic relationships often cause us to shape shift, to try to be who we think the other person most wants to see? We've GOT to stop doing that.

Mt. Everest: The Red Herring That Keeps Me Safe from Love

There's extreme glacial mountaineering and extreme avoidance of that which scares the snowshoes off me. I am afraid to fall in love.  


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