His Giant Mistake
A Real Time Account of How My Husband's Infidelity Is Changing My Life

Not until halfway through our climb to 10,080 feet did I key in on the single most important lesson of my multi-day climb of Mt. Rainier.

Surviving the elements on a mountain requires diggin deep.  Not unlike dealing with betrayal and divorce.  But then toss in avalanches...

Finally on Mt. Rainier after months of preperation I was surprised to discover that she wasn't going to welcome me like Mt. Tamalpais. 

There are a million ways to fear life. I can't fear the mountain and I can't fear love.  This climb will forever settle my heart.

I'm taking a man with me up the mountain. It's all so very unexpected. My climb is now more than seeing if I'm Mt. Everest worthy. It's about coming home. 

I never intended to speak the words.  When the Universe went to work I made sure I didn't question her perfect creation.

Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals are often a tonic for an ailing heart. A way to reclaim control over life. But it's how we were to live all along.