About His Giant Mistake

I am a woman.  A mother.  I used to be a wife.

I am a writer.  A climber.  A long distance swimmer.  A ponderer.  I am a lover of people, encounters, nature, animals, Bolinas, the beach and all of West Marin, CA.  I love to laugh.  Hard.  Side-splitting, aching laughter. And I love to cry.  Deeply cleansing tears with a purpose.  I’m not afraid to feel.  I’m not afraid of anything. Except Great White Sharks.  One day I'm going to climb Mt. Everest.

When I received the Pocket Call and listened to my husband and his mistress order a bottle of wine to take to their room, I took back my life. That very night I stood outside, under the stars, and made a commitment to the Universe and to myself:  I will make this the best thing that ever happened to me. From that day forward I’ve been brave. Very brave.

I’m faced with making choices every day about how to navigate the challenges of being betrayed and moving gracefully through divorce.  I choose magic.  Joy.  Fearlessness and vulnerability.  Honesty and integrity.  I choose to live fully present in the moment and to see the signs.  I choose to believe that nature guides me, that I can create magic anywhere, and that every person who reads His Giant Mistake is a gift to me.

I hope my writings are a gift to them.

HGM is a raw account of spinning infidelity and divorce into magic.  No real names are used.

But everything else is real.  More real than it’s been in years.  Every step I take, I take with the love and support of HGM kittens worldwide.  Together we’ve created a community that has proven to help speed the processing of grief that comes with betrayal and divorce, without taking any shortcuts.  Together, we’ve made a commitment to optimism, following nature’s lead and creating daily magic.

Today we live without the fear of being used or lied to – together we live fully, honestly, and with massive gratitude.  We let go.  We are vulnerable.

And we look damn fine doing it.

I’m so very grateful you are here.

Love yourself,


Remember, no shortcuts...It's best to begin with the post that started it all - Love Can Lead You To The Truth