Freedom From...Freedom To...

Celebrate the 4th of July in red, white, blue and with gratitude for those who were so brave and confident in their abilities to create a new land built on the foundation of freedom.

Forget Oysters, Divorce is My Aphrodisiac

Today I was at the dentist.  There's nothing sexually stimulating about laying back in a chair with a metal prod banging against my teeth...

I May Not Be Divorced, But I

Shoe shopping for the average person is a delight.  Especially if that is the one part of their body where its size doesn't make them squirm...

So What if Glass Slippers Don

First betrayal, then divorce, and now I am not a candidate to be a Disney Princess unless I'm photoshopped and they lop off my flipper feet. 

Setting the Mood for Love

Some say emotions come and go while moods linger.  We know that emotions linger, too.  The sadness experienced in divorce seems never-ending.

Epiphanies, Mantras and High (Altitude) Hopes

38,018 feet exists between me and terra firma at this very moment.  It feels good to be up here.  So good, I am one of the few that don't want this flight to end.

Can Rose Glass Coexist with Cold, Hard Facts?

The Premarital Contract, HGM style, has been percolating - really just shy of boiling over - as of late...


I started two posts this week.  Both sit unfinished.  That's what happens when you lay on a table and Melissa works her magic...

The Slow Creep of Bad Choices

Big life changes are wonderful times to create excuses for the emergence of behaviors that are best left behind.  Divorce and moving...

Divorce and Parenting: Children Need Boundaries, Too

Just as I didn't think about getting divorced when I got married, I also didn't think about raising children in the midst of a divorce.

Keep Away: The Sport of Courtship

The Ninety Day Rule: should you withhold sex from a man for 90 days?

Love Your Body, Love Yourself

Can you imagine the look on a caveman or woman's face if they were to emerge from back then to now via the dressing room of a TJ Maxx...

Fallout from Infidelity...Take Cover!

Tonight I am a puddle.  The tall dude spent the overnight at the hospital.

We Really Need to Talk

Mr. Wild Card sent me a text on December 14th, the day a person decided to gun down 27 people for a reason we may never be able to comprehend...