Contact Cleo Everest

His Giant Mistake, and the thousands of loyal readers who held my hand, helped me to Be Real. Brave as I dusted myself off from the fallout of discovering my former spouse's multi-year affair and said, I want a divorce.  I am forever grateful for the support I received.  The discourse we've shared over the last several months has helped me to heal.  Without question, I am here to return the favor.

Email me or comment - I will always be here to listen, cry, make you laugh, and ponder why.

I am also available for one-on-one or small group day retreats to inspire and kickstart the process of falling in love.  With yourself.  We'll take to the beach or the trails and let Nature show us the signs.  We'll shine a bright light on the Ego, and watch the Pendulum swing, discovering the magic that lives in betrayal and divorce.  

Please email me with any questions or to schedule time to make magic.

Rates are:

3 hour adventure: $275 (can be split among friends!)

1.5 hour excursion: $150

60 minute phone or Skype: $100

Those in the process of divorce know how challenging managing the funds can be, so I will reserve four 60 minute sessions a month for those in need but without the extra cash.  Yes, I need to make a living and cut the last remaining cord with my former spouse, but I also know that financial difficulties make everything else harder.  I'm here to help the ones who need it most.