The Simple Way to Embrace Uncertainty? Stop Labeling It BAD.
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May 18, 2015


The fog softens the edges of the unknown. I want to VENTURE IN.


Uncertainty is only that which you have not yet created.

That’s my official first quotable quote. Well, technically, the line about my former spouse making absurd choices in life (How very Mensa of you!) was the first that went viral. I’ve come a long way, yes? From snide to spiritual. From radical carnivour to spontaneous vegetarian. From tequila-loving lass to Matcha Mama. From unconscious to twice daily meditator. From shattered by infidelity and divorce to love-filled and wholly alive.

When will the transformation end?

Never, I hope.

On The Weekly Call we’re rolling around in the magic of uncertainty. It can feel like quicksand, if you choose for it to take that shape. Or it can be magic sand, that stuff you mold into any shape and then un-mold and reshape again, until you create a shape you didn’t learn about in school. Your very own shape. One that doesn’t pen you in. A fluid, inspiring shape-shifting shape.

Uncertainty is only that which you have not yet created.

Discovering infidelity, experiencing divorce, having life turn out not as you anticipated, all can leave us feeling uncertain. Will it stop hurting? How am I going to trust again? Will the children be scarred? Or scared? Or angry? How am I going to pay the bills? Will I fall in love? Will I be alone, without true love, for the rest of my days? Will I ever stop thinking about him? Her? Will I ever be free of resentment? How am I going to live out the balance of my days? What’s going to happen to me?

Do you fear uncertainty?

What if all uncertainty led to magic? What if a glorious outcome existed just on the other side of uncertainty? Every single time.

We’d be stoked about uncertainty. We’d relish every time we stood on the edge of the complete unknown. We’d begin to structure our lives spontaneously, based on our intuition. We’d be free. Unencumbered by the so-called burdens of life.

Remember when sexy became a trendy word in the business world? Our software is sexy. This smart phone is smart. And sexy. Yea. Well, the real sexy is not a bubble butt or bee stung lips, or ice blue eyes, or biceps that deserve to be named, or some cool gadget, but rather choosing to be cool with uncertainty, to embody a carefree spirit.

Carefree is sexy. Actually, nothing is sexier. Although Taylor Swift in that white pantsuit at the Billboard Music Awards may come in at a close second. To be carefree (Yes, it’s totally possible regardless of your present day experiences.) is the sexiest way to live life. To be carefree is to be cool with uncertainty.

Here’s how to make magic out of uncertainty:

Believe that uncertainty is only the container for your perfect creation. Believe that you create your reality with your vibrational energy, your thoughts and your choices. Believe that.

Uncertainty is only that which you have not yet created.

I understand it can be hard, at first. We don’t want to accept that we would create anything for our selves in this lifetime that wasn’t magical. But we do. And for very good reason.  

We create intense, challenging, unsettling situations to accelerate our spiritual evolution.

It’s the evolution part that’s CRUCIAL to highlight. As we evolve, by making good choices, we continue to evolve. Simple, right? So that means that with every conscious choice made from a loving posture, a choice that harms no other and demonstrates love for our selves, we evolve. That elevates our vibrational energy, attracting to us only that which vibrates at the same level. The higher we vibrate the more magical life becomes.

And the easier it is to repel all that vibrates at a lower frequency.

Anger vibrates at a low frequency.

Fear vibrates at a low frequency.

Deceit vibrates at a low frequency.

Jealousy vibrates at a low frequency.

Shame vibrates at a low frequency.

Greed vibrates at a low frequency.

Hate vibrates at a low frequency.


Love? Love is off the charts high.

Courage? Right on up there.

Joy? Shimmering in the ethers elevated.

Gratitude? You’d need the Hubble telescope to spot that babay.

Presence? That’s the thing that makes ALL magic possible.

So, embrace uncertainty. Begin there. Don’t come at it with fear. Welcome it.

You create all that becomes certain.


Make magic.  


I'm cheering you on.  

Love yourself,



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Kind words from a Weekly Caller: "I was amazed how you don't focus on the infidelity and divorce as much as you do on the healing process. I feel you have given me more strategies and been so helpful, in more ways than traditional therapy. I love how you spin difficulties into positives." 


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