20 Fun & Unique Dating Means It's Time Try New Things!Dates:
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December 19, 2013 - Updated March 10, 2014

date.jpgFun & Unique Date Ideas

You’re divorced and now you’re dating again. And one of the bonuses of dating is that you have lots of opportunities to try new and fun things with someone you're interested in. And this makes it a great time to make a Dating Bucket List with activities you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. (Always keep safety in mind. If you haven’t had time to thoroughly vet out your date yet, either meet up in public places or consider making it a double date.)

  1. Bowling or pool: I am embarrassingly bad at both but it doesn’t matter. Watching me bowl, especially, is always good for laughs and that’s the point. As with all things related to dating, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun.

  2. Hiking. I never got into hiking until recently but I love it! There are trails for all levels of skill and communing with nature is awesome. Consider going online and finding a trail you didn’t know existed and explore.

  3. Take in some culture by visiting an art gallery or museum.

  4. Take a look back: Go to the National Register of Historic Places and look up places near you. You might learn some interesting stories and facts about the place you live.

  5. Volunteer! Help make your community a better place. You can walk homeless pets or plant trees or play cards with the residents at a retirement home.

  6. Be a daredevil. Try skydiving, hang gliding, snowmobiling, or river rafting.

  7. Cook! This is one of my favorite activities because you get to eat the spoils! You can either cook dinner together at home or take a cooking class.

  8. Attend church together. Religion can play a huge part in a relationship so addressing church and faith early on is not a bad idea.

  9. Take in comedy club or piano bar. This is endlessly more entertaining than dinner and a movie, if you ask me.

  10. Walk or run a 5k together. Local racing events are very fun and social. You don’t have to train for a 5k, pretty much anyone can do one.

  11. Paint! I love Color Me Mine. My date and I once painted salt & pepper shakers and signed them with our initials and the date. We laughed a lot and had a memorable keepsake when we were done.

  12. Build a fire and make smores: Weather permitting, of course! Going to a park that allows campfires is a great excuse to cozy up by the fire, chat and eat. What’s better than that?

  13. Visit a street fair, art walk or swap meet. If either of you has a dog, take him with you.

  14. Attend a symphony. Getting dressed up and doing something cultural is fun. Plus, you get an excuse to go shopping and buy a new dress and shoes!

  15. Wine and cheese tasting: Driving from winery to winery, taking in the local sites, and sampling yummy cuisine is far better than going out for another boring lunch.

  16. Scream together at a theme park. Ride the rollercoaster, check out the tunnel of love!

  17. Water sports all year round: Visit an aquarium or arboretum (or both)

  18. Cemetery: Have a contest on who can locate the oldest headstone

  19. Ghost tour: This is actually one of my favorite activities. I’ve been on ghost tours in San Diego, Washington, DC, Moscow, New Orleans and Salt Lake City. On ghost tours, you get a whole history lesson told in a unique way

  20. Casino: A date and I once went to a casino nearby. We both got $20 and one hour to turn that $20 into as much money as possible (or lose it all). At the end of the hour, the loser paid for dinner (I won, by the way!)

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