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Divorce, Dating, and Discovery After Age Forty
22 Ways To Know It Is Time To Take A Break From (Online) Dating

Do you find dating fun? Or is it a chore? If you prefer a night on the couch in your jammies to a date, it may be a sign it is time for a break.

50 Ways To Know If The Guy You Are Seeing Is Serious About You

Are you being honest with yourself about how your relationship is going? Is that guy you are seeing serious about you, or are you only hoping he is?

Life After Divorce:  What I Wished For On My 42nd Birthday

On the eve of my 42nd birthday, my thoughts on celebrating love, life and birthdays following divorce.

When A Wife Becomes The Other Woman In Her Own Marriage

I was a faithful wife. And then my husband cheated on me. So how did I suddenly become the other woman in my own marriage?

5 Changes I Made As A Single Mom That Made Me A Better Mom

Becoming a single mom forced me to change my parenting style. Believing I was doing worse by my kids, I quickly realized I was actually doing better.

Taking A Break:  6 Reasons Why It May Be Good For Your Relationship

Are you on a break or did you break up? Are they the same? Depends on who you ask, the one who did the dumping or the one who got dumped.

7 Things To Do Immediately After A Break-Up

Suddenly single? Not to worry. My simple tricks for getting over a recent split and feeling good fast.

Bait And Switch:  When Dating Becomes A Relationship

Should women play it cool when dating or should they be open about their vulnerabilities and emotional needs from the beginning?

Why Since Separating I No Longer View My Kids’ Camp Photos Online

My children are all away for the summer and I have made a conscious decision to not look at their camp photos online.

12 Sexy Texts Men Can Send Women Without Ever Mentioning Sex

Unhappy with all of the impersonal texts you are receiving? Not to worry. Hope for romance is not all lost.

The Calm After The Storm And My Long-Awaited Return Home

How I'm finally making my way home after weathering the storm of divorce without so much as changing my address.

5 Reasons I Finally Made Peace With My Muffin Top

Do you detest that muffin top spilling over your jeans? Did you ever consider that maybe your muffin top isn't so bad after all?

Living In The Moment:  Thinking Right About Mr. Right Now

Since separating I have learned how to live in the moment, realizing marriage is not what makes a relationship healthy, fulfilling, and enriching.

Water Under The Bridge:  Could I Take My Ex Husband Back?

The divorce is over. It's that quiet time, the period when we move on. Bad memories begin to fade. We reflect. Would we go back? Could we go back? 


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opportunities, developed just for you.

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