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Divorce, Dating & Discovery After 40
For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll

It's one thing when you separate from your ex and get divorced. It's another when your ex moves on and marries someone else.


Beyond Divorce: When Rubbing Salt No Longer Hurts A Wound

Have you healed from the pain of your divorce? Better yet, would you know if you have? Here is the moment I knew.

7 Lessons About Divorce I Needed To Learn For Myself Before Moving On

When I separated I received a lot of advice. But first I needed to live through the experience myself before I could take heed. Here's what I learned.

Chance Encounters And Waiting For The One Who Likes Me Just As I Am

Do you believe in fate? In chance encounters? Is the Universe trying to send us a message? My thoughts.

14 Questions My Son Asked About My Divorce And What I Answered

Do you know how your children feel about your divorce? The questions they ask are often more telling than their anwwers to the questions we ask them.

12 Pieces Of Advice I Will Give My Daughters Before They Marry

Have you taken time to look back at your marriage and think about what you may have been able to do differently? I have.

Not So ‘Little House’ On The Suburban Street: The Long Winter

We don't know our own strength until we face adversity alone. Though divorce at first can make us feel scared, it can also give us strength.

Why This Single Mom Was In Need Of Some ‘Parental Guidance’ Of Her Own

Heve you ever felt that you were doing too much? That your kids were doing too much? Perhaps it's time to reevaluate what is important and why. I did.

Do You Really Care? Now Ask Yourself Why You Do

Do you care? Or are you as ambivalent as you portray to others? Posing that question to yourself may provide an unlikely answer.

What One Nine Year-Old Boy Really Wants From His Divorced Dad

As my ex prepares to remarry, my nine year-old son discusses his feelings about sharing his dad with his future stepmom while on a family vacation.

Does Lust Know No Bounds? Is Age Only A Number?

Is age really only a number? Could you be attracted to a man who is old enough to be your father? My thoughts.

One Year Later: My New Year’s Eve Kiss… My Ass

My third New Year's Eve spent as a single woman. Did I finally get the New Year's Eve kiss I desired?

Why ‘Keeping The Faith’ Is Necessary For Finding The One

It may feel like the real thing, but is unrequited love actually love? Or is it something else entirely? My thoughts.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot! 5 Reasons Men Love To Date Separated Women

Men like to date separated women? Really? Now that you're back on the market, it's obvious what a hot commodity you are. But be sure you know why.


Resources, savings, information and
opportunities, developed just for you.

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