7 Lessons About Divorce I Needed To Learn For Myself Before Moving On

When I separated I received a lot of advice. But first I needed to live through the experience myself before I could take heed. Here's what I learned.

Cheater:  One Of The

It is easy to assign blame. Point a finger at the other woman as the reason for a marriage's end. But is she the culprit? 

Life After Divorce:  What I Wished For On My 42nd Birthday

On the eve of my 42nd birthday, my thoughts on celebrating love, life and birthdays following divorce.

When A Wife Becomes The Other Woman In Her Own Marriage

I was a faithful wife. And then my husband cheated on me. So how did I suddenly become the other woman in my own marriage?

The Calm After The Storm And My Long-Awaited Return Home

How I'm finally making my way home after weathering the storm of divorce without so much as changing my address.

Water Under The Bridge:  Could I Take My Ex Husband Back?

The divorce is over. It's that quiet time, the period when we move on. Bad memories begin to fade. We reflect. Would we go back? Could we go back? 

5 Pieces Of Advice I Will Give My Son On His Wedding Day

Though my son is only nine years old, I already have some words of advice prepared for him in anticipation of his wedding day. 

True Tori:  Are Tori And Dean In Marital PurgaTORI Or Are Viewers?

Will husband and wife reality duo, Tori and Dean, survive a cheating scandal? My review of their new series, True Tori.

Between Time-Honored Vows And Visceral Dreams:  A Confession

I had not noticed him there before. It was as though he manifested himself out of the mist rising from the fallen snow. Our eyes met and locked.

Holocaust Remembrance Day:  Dachau, Divorce, And Dignity

I stepped back in time to a place where some of the world’s most heinous atrocities were committed, crimes anyone would pray to forget but never must.

10 Completely Legal Ways To Get Back At Your Cheating Husband

Your husband or boyfriend has cheated and you are eager for revenge. Stacy lists 10 legal ways to get back at your husband for cheating.

So He Cheated… Does That Make Him A Bad Guy?

As I looked my adulterer husband directly in the eye, I was faced with reconciling a man’s entire life with his recent behavior. 

10 Signs The Middle-Aged Man You Are Dating Is Married

Heed these simple warnings signs, girls. They are not hard to miss. That is, if you know what they are.

A Fair Affair: Why I Like Ashley Madison

Although a divorced woman blindsided by infidelity in my own marriage, I maintain the concept of Ashley Madison is absolutely brilliant.