And Baby Makes… How Many?

My children are going to be welcoming a new baby brother or sister this winter. Find out how we are getting ready for the new arrival.

What One Nine Year-Old Boy Really Wants From His Divorced Dad

As my ex prepares to remarry, my nine year-old son discusses his feelings about sharing his dad with his future stepmom while on a family vacation.

Aesop’s ‘The Cock And The Jewel’:  An Allegory For Modern Dating

It is human nature to want what we cannot have. But is what we want necessarily what is best for us? 

Blending A Family:  Love, Loss And A New Kitchen Table

Fve years before I would have the opportunity to wear my own envisioned wedding dress, I had to first help my mother pick out her own.

5 Reasons Mother’s Day Was Better Before My Parents’ Divorce

An honest and heartfelt guest post from my 12 year-old daughter on how Mother's Day is different after divorce.

If Mama Was Married

I think my kids are trying to get rid of me. Really. They say it’s taking me way too long to find a husband.

We Welcome with Love… Our New Step-Monster

We welcome with love our upcoming new family addition. No, it’s not a baby. Yet. It’s my children’s stepmom.

Meet the Children?

Whether I choose to introduce my children to a date early on, or later, the pros and cons of each choice are ones that I need to carefully consider.