How Can You Act This Way After So Many Bad Things Have Happened To You?

My farewell post. Thank you to my devoted readers who have stuck with me through my 'divorce, dating (adventures), and journey of (self-)discovery.

Labyrinth Of Love

A guest post from a woman healing after the breakup of a long-term relationship. Find out how she found solace and began the process of moving on. 

10 Things To Do On A "Look-See" Trip

Are you considering relocating or purchasing that second home you always dreamed of? If you are, it's time for you to do some legwork. Here's how.

A Leap Of Faith And Another Step In The Right Direction

This is my fourth summer as a single woman. Join me as I take steps toward creating the life I was always meant to lead post-divorce.

What One Nine Year-Old Boy Really Wants From His Divorced Dad

As my ex prepares to remarry, my nine year-old son discusses his feelings about sharing his dad with his future stepmom while on a family vacation.

Loving The One I Was With: My Last Minute Romantic Getaway

This weekend I found myself alone both in mind and body. And I did not like it. Not one bit. Little did I know a romantic getaway awaited.

Playing The Single Mom Card

My life as a single mom is challenging, more challenging than it ever was when I was married, even to a workaholic husband who was rarely home.

Visiting Tulum: Revisiting The Past And Reinventing The Future

This was to be our first real family vacation alone, no grandparents along for support and no husband to bear part of the responsibility.