New Year, New Life
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December 30, 2016


I’ve moved! January seemed so far away and, since my daughter is gone this whole last week of December anyway, I decided to leave a little early and fly 1,400 miles across the country to ring in my new life with the New Year.

Couldn’t wait one more week? I know you’re thinking it. I asked myself that question a few times, but the answer that immediately came to me every time was a clear and direct, “Nope.” See, I’ve never been in love before so I really have no frame of reference for what feelings and behaviors are considered normal. All I know is being apart is incredibly agitating. We were spending, without exaggeration, six or more hours a day on the phone and texting in the off time. I was staying up till 2:00 or 3:00 am and getting up at 6:00 to get my daughter to school. None of my energy was going into my life at my current home but into the new life I was getting ready to start.

Screw that and the cost of an extra plane ticket. I’m with the man I love and it’s alllll good, baby.

I will be here for about three weeks at which point we will both fly back so I can finish signing divorce papers and pack what I want to keep from my apartment. After that it’s no more airplanes, but a two day U-Haul trek instead.

I’ve been thinking about what you can expect me to write about in the coming months. I can only mirror my own expectations, which are exciting, if somewhat fuzzy. You can expect me to share our triumphs, set-backs, joys and struggles. You will undoubtedly watch me go through the experience of learning to live separate from my daughter, as well as the uncharted territory of blending our children together. You can expect me to rise to the occasion and fail miserably and bravely march along regardless. 

 Stick around for the fun?

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