Wanted: A Part Time Monogamous Boyfriend

I want a part time, monogamous boyfriend. To me, this sounds like the ideal situation. All the fun without a lot of the work.  

How I Celebrated The End of My Marriage

I knew that once my divorce became final that a celebration must be in order. Thank God that celebration came not too long after our separation. 

Do they all really let us down sometimes?

When I was in Jr. High many years ago, my friend and I made up a little acronym and it still holds true today. 

Why I Don

Yes, I was a ho-bag right after my separation. And I don't regret one bit of it. I was able to feel needed and wanted, which I needed at the time. 

I Wonder If a Leopard Really Can Change Its Spots?

Can a severely damaged individual do a complete 180 and turn into a normal, contributing member of society?