An Open Invitation To Dinner
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February 27, 2015 - Updated July 23, 2015


As per usual HuffPo nails it. Well their bloggers do.

This article came across the airwaves today and knocked my socks off. These beautiful people. The Tates, ( I want them over for dinner) have remained living in the same house, to raise their one son, but are not married. They aren’t divorced either. I know. Just watch, with an open mind.





They unwed themselves by returning the wedding rings once exchanged. This is beautiful, however, I would rather cash mine in or save them for the kids.

At one time our rings meant something. A promise, a reflection of our past and future. They were bought, placed and worn with love. They aren’t going anywhere.

Now I get some of you think this whole being happy while separated is not possible. It isn’t possible for many. And a few years ago I would have given you the side eyes.

And it most certainly isn’t perfect. I have jealousy, sadness and rage moments. But I had more when we were married. I did. I now have calm, growth and healing moments with and without my ex.

I know that people do what is best for their kids. Our staying in the same house to raise the children doesn’t make us any better than people who physically separate. In most cases the kids thrive after a separation, because that is what worked to make happy adults. Happiness is key. If the thought of living with your ex repulses you, I doubt you should give this a try.

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