An Open Invitation To Dinner

This article knocked my socks off. The Tates have remained living in the same house, to raise their one son, but are not married. They aren’t divorced either. I know. Just watch, with an open mind.

Conversations With My Ex And Best Friend

We still live together. And we for the last ten years, meet on the couch every morning and have coffee. This can’t change.

Signs The Marriage Was Over

I’ve only told a handful of people that my marriage is over. Like I would, they ask, when did you know it was over? The truth is, your head always knows first, your heart last.

Day 170

I’ve hesitated for so long with this blog. It needs to be written, but who enjoys pain that much. Yes, we are still in same house. Different rooms. And all is well.

How It Went Down And Why It Took So Long

I’ve heard a lot of people say they should have ended it sooner. I think it ends exactly when it’s supposed to. The day it does.

Day 67ish

It’s been about 67 days. Not that many. A lot in some regards. Around that many days ago it ended. My marriage, as I knew it ,was done.