Kate’s 8 Signs He was Seriously Into Ending the Marriage
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March 02, 2015 - Updated July 23, 2015

1. The twelve pack “Daisy” Razors for Christmas, from the Dollar Store.

2. When I purposefully walk naked in front of him, he looks up, asks if the garbage was taken out.

3. When I tell him I got dumped for not putting out, he asks if I want him to callMarcelo.

4. When I count out-loud the number of days it’s been since he’s had sex (that I know of) and ask if he wants help with that. He says No.

5. When I’m barfing with the flu, shitting on the toilet and am at my lowest of low, begging him to take me back, and he kindly says, No.

6. He bought me a new car.

7. He agreed to tell the kids soon (we haven’t yet, but him agreeing is serious)

8. He agreed to my mid-life crisis purse dog, who now sleeps with me.

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