About SingleMomSecondChance

My name is Virginia Masters, not my real name, of course. The name pays homage to Virginia Woolfe, the woman who tried to teach me a lesson long ago when I was in University.

I read A Room of One’s Own, and respected it, in theory, but have only recently started to appreciate the lesson’s application today, in my second attempt at life. Virginia wrote about women being kept from writing due to the relative poverty of women. It is only through financial freedom that we can have the freedom to write. For Virginia, it may have been quite literal, but my interpretation is more metaphorical.

I’ve been married woman, mother, teacher, lawyer, employee, artist, cancer survivor, though none except mother truly defines me. As Virginia Masters, the surname is a verb. What will Virginia master today? Seeking to believe that all who wander are not lost, I start wandering.