A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hairdresser

It wasn't the fact that I put the Keurig up to brew a cup of my favorite Green Mountain Breakfast Blend but forgot to put the cup underneath.

I Have 16 Days To Meet The Love Of My Life! OMG!!

The time has finally come. My subscription to Match will end in 16 days. So, is the Match membership like the lottery??

How Can I Learn To Trust Again When This Sh*t Happens?

Last week I wrote about my poor choices when choosing men. I lived out that week hopeful with my new plan to maybe give a chance to someone.

Justification to Cancel My Self Imposed Subjective Morality?

The essence of the thought was that at my age, it is OK to do something that I would not want my daughter to do at 18.

Either I am Emotionally Ruined, or I

I think I may have been unkind and set someone else up to fail this week. Are my standards unreasonable? Am I unkind? Let me explain.

My Match Profile No Longer Represents Me & I Don

If I behave in a risky way, and fall in love or lust with a man who hurts me again, it makes it more likely that my life will be messed up.

Dating in the Twilight Zone - A True, But Sad Story

I do seem to have a history of choosing the wrong men for myself. After my second divorce, I actually became quite interested in another man.

Darn You, Match.com!

OK, I failed! I have been a member at Match for 6 months, but I have not been a success according to their standards. 

I Almost Missed This One...A Free Foot Massage!

It would seem that certain Match.com members are now randomly offering foot massages. And, they aren't particular about your age!

Am I Undateable?

Apparently, I am so picky, that Match.com has started to add women into my selected matches. Really? 

Why Do I Spell Check Profiles On Match.com?

Is it because I feel superior to people to can’t spell? No. 

I Got A Text Today...

Unlike some good leftovers, men don’t get any better the second time around.

BFF Please Don

I had sex in a car. It just happened. YES, even at days away from being 49, those things can happen. 

Phone Sex...Or Is It?

If you just listen while he speaks of your beauty and what he wants to do to you over and over… I was reading my kindle, remembering that I forgot to defrost the chicken.